As most of us already know, life isn’t always peaceful.  At some point in their walk, a Christian will inevitably be confronted with a storm.  Armed with our Bible in one hand, and biblical confessions coming out of our mouths at lightning speed we attempt to speak to that mountain just looming over head threatening to consume our lives.  Sometimes challenges are mole hills, and other times they are mountains- mountains being the most difficult to move.

We keep trying, in faith, to move that mountain only to become weary.  We begin to second guess our situation.  Are we in the right place?  Did God really promise that?  Maybe I misunderstood.  Why isn’t God moving!?!

These are all thoughts that run through our heads.

However, we know that God is truth (read our previous issue!), and God’s Word is true.  This being said, God cannot lie, nor can God’s Word.  Therefore, we can safely conclude that God’s Word is truth, and so are His promises.  Whatever God says He will do, He will indeed do.  There is no question that your breakthrough is coming!  However, it may be just a matter of timing!

Did you know that most people give up just before receiving their victory?

Sad, but true.  Just because you can’t see things happening in the natural does not mean that they aren’t happening in the supernatural.  Nor can you assume that God is not working on your behalf.  Some questions to ask yourself (and to silence the enemy) are:

  1. Does what I am believing for line up with God’s Word?
  2. Is it a promise from Scripture?
  3. Did you hear from God?

God would never promise you anything that doesn’t line up with His Word.  Also, God will affirm what He has said through His Word, and by 2-3 witnesses.  There is never any confusion when it comes to God.  He is always clear.

To gain greater clarity into this issue, read, “Yes and Amen” written by Michelle C. Danko in our September issue.  It will give you hope, practical guidance, and positive instruction.

Our next issue comes out August 28, 2017.

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