The movie, The Good Book, discusses how six people- each affected by different, yet relatable, circumstances- found the hope they needed in reading the Bible.

Daniel, who is played by Evan Fielding,  is separated from his family due to his careless mistake. Alex and his wife Marion  must place their unwavering trust in God to fill the gaping hole in their lives. Meanwhile, Sarah deals with homelessness and the rejection that results from society.

Ruth (Jenn Gotzon) has no problems accepting others until she is scorned. Leah must cope with both her  husband’s alcoholism and the added pressure of her daughter’s lawless behavior. And Caleb (Josh Childs) encounters persecution for his faith. Each is in desperate need of comfort and hope, but each finds exactly what they need in The Good Book.

Faith Filled Family is priviledged to announce the interview with Director, Sharon Wilharm for our Special Issue, and a review of the movie which will be released on DVD September 30, 2014.

This is sure to be an impactful movie for all Christians, and a must see for all families!