In this season, you may not be experiencing any struggles. You are not on a mountaintop high, nor are you in a valley low. Some call it having plateaued. I call it having a case of being meh. Either way, life is neither exciting nor do we have something that is propelling us forward. Things are stagnant.

And while we may be coasting along enjoying a lack of drama in our lives, we can’t stay there. For some of us, it’s easy to stay this way. It’s comfortable, but it isn’t where God wants us. God wants us advancing forward because He has plans for you. BIG plans for your life! That’s exciting, because you never know what heights He will take you to. But you know it will be good!

But I don’t want to leave meh! I hate it when life gets hard!


Do you know why your life is meh? It is because you aren’t a threat to Satan. Now before you celebrate, take a minute to think about this. You aren’t a threat to Satan… He is not scared of you. You are not doing any damage to his kingdom. However, you are not on fire for God, either. Chances are that you are not doing anything for God’s kingdom. This means that you are probably not engaged in the plan God has over your life because if you were, you would be high on that mountaintop praising the name of Jesus.

You would be affecting change in our world. People would be better for having known you. Satan would be quaking in his boots because you are dispelling light into his darkness.

Yes, there is persecution. You will experience trials- it is all part of the journey! Yet, you will also be victorious because God gives you everything that you need. He will fight on your behalf. He will also promote you as well. You will reach heights that you have never fathomed, and life will be exciting!

How do I get out of the meh’s? How did I get here, anyway?

Many of us got to this point because we didn’t keep the vision that God cast before us. God always paints a picture through dreams or imaginations of where He wants us to go. It is our job to keep it in our thoughts and prayers.

However, as time passes, sometimes we forget about the promises. We become weary if we don’t practise perseverance. God’s dreams don’t always happen right away. In fact, if you look at most of the Old Testament, none of the promises of God were fulfilled without a waiting period. There is a purpose behind this.

Our March Issue will fire you up, once again! In it, we outline the promises of God. This will allow you to hold on tightly to the future that He has promised all believers.

Our hope is that it will give you a renewed vision! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Our March 2021 issue comes out on February 26, 2021.

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