What is the Difference Between Muslims and ISIS?

The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), follows the beliefs that Judgment Day is about power- absolute power. The Islamic State is built from a place, and it is desire for territory that maintains their survival. They do not look forward to a “Holy War”. Their daily approach is to bring about the apocalypse. “This is a violent bloody worldview and regime,” he argues. “Nowadays many of our leaders and even pastors are unable to face reality, but it is time we tell people the truth.” (Mcfarland, 2015) Their desire to follow the teachings embedded in Islam by the Prophet Muhammad is what leads them. To those who follow Islam today, might hear it, and respond by saying, “These teachings are out of date, or these teachings don’t make sense.” However, to a true follower who has studied all the teachings, they would say, “Beware, these are the teachings in the earliest of days, and we should take heed.”

ISIS did not want a war based on religion. However, that doesn’t mean you should underestimate their devotion to Muhammad. Just as we have our faith in God, their faith is strong as well. This faith is what drives them. They deny our faith, and our faith in God. “Jesus is known as “Isa” in Islam, which denies His divinity, and denies He was crucified and resurrected. He is regarded as a prophet and a Muslim.”According to Dr. Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, “Islam is not just “another way to approach God” but a false religion inspired by Satan.” “It is their devotion, that drives them to hate their own.” They see other Muslims as they do a Christian at times, and they will excommunicate, called takfir, or execute him or her for any apostate. These include, in certain cases, selling alcohol or drugs, wearing Western clothes or shaving one’s beard, or voting in an election. Being a Shiite, which means being in line with innovation, have no place in the Koran, and these people are marked for death by ISIS.

Acquisition of land is primary to ISIS. According to Social Media, be-headings are continually happening, and land is steadily falling under the control of the ISLAMIC state. I have heard people say, “There are only a few hundred thousand of them.”  That is so inaccurate for us to say here, when recruiters are steadily being found, people from countries all over, including ours, are becoming part of this group. Again, for absolute power. If you haven’t seen one of these videos ISIS has sent with one of these be-headings, fantastic. If you have, then you know the horror, and you also know the absolute power these people have over someone. And that is all it takes, is just one person. These members are everywhere on social media. They are on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and they are recruiting anyone who is there. How many people have children out there with accounts for those who are 18 and older to join? It is just a Facebook account, and I have the password, or I am a friend, so I watch who they are communicating with. Are you sure you know who they are?

The Apocalypse is the hailing of ISIS. Preachers and followers there say they have seen the signs, and they claim the world will see it as they take hold of Syria. Many of Syrian’s refugees are now fleeing to our country for assistance and support. Not many are going into Syria, as for many in the Muslim religion, entering Syria is an apostate. The Syrian city of Dabiq is forthcoming with great plains, the foothold of ISIS. “It is here, the Prophet reportedly said, that the armies of Rome will set up their camp. The armies of Islam will meet them, and Dabiq will be Rome’s Waterloo or its Antietam.” (Wood, 2015) Barack Obama himself has claimed that the Islamic State was “not Islamic”. According to Wood, such irony as this being that he, as the non-Muslim son of a Muslim, may himself be classified as an apostate, and yet is now practicing takfir against Muslims. This shows you just how the circle of life goes in ISLAM, and how it expands to even the outermost members. This is one of the reasons, ISIS claims to have our leader on some list. Maybe, they will lose that list, along with all the others.


Many people I talk to have the same concerns, “Who is this ISIS, and do I have a relationship with Muslim followers?” The answers from me, are just what I gave you above, except the most recent from Dr. Jeffress and McFarland. However, I have friends who practice the Muslim religion. I consider part of their activities, and I neither shun them for it, nor do I participate in it. I have heard some people say, you should be involved in the activities of your Muslim friends. I am a participant, that is to say in most of their activities. However, my relationship with God, is never compromised in anyway.

I make it a habit to not fear things. After all, faith is what I traded for fear. I definitely do not fear the unknown. There are too many ways to get information these days than to just sit idly by and lose out on meeting and enjoying other people because of the unfamiliar. I speak to other people about things that concern me. I found out what Ramadan was. I asked why fasting was involved and how long. I asked what was in the Koran, that was different from the Bible. We talked about verses that were similar and those that were not in each. We talked about the Prophet Muhammad, and I respected their differences; I told them about the trinity, and how Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and was resurrected. How HE pushed the stone away, and rose from the dead, and how HE loves me. Praise God, how awesome that is! I was so thankful to share it. They respected the difference as well, and was excited for me.

Why would I do that? Why would I sit with someone of the Muslim belief and do that? Well, are you of the Baptist following? Then I have heard how you Baptists do. I read where the Westboro Church boycotted events and funerals, that is terrible. Are you Roman Catholic? Oh, well I have heard how those… You see where this is going? In the book of Exodus, Chapter 20, Verse 16, the Bible says~

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

You are, if you do not allow those of the Muslim faith to differentiate who they are in relation to ‘Muslims’, ‘Islamists’, or ‘Terrorists’. Any time we meet someone, before anything, we give them the benefit of doubt. We get to know who they are, and as we have read twice in the book of Matthew, Chapters 19 and 22, Verses 19 and 39, ~

Love thy neighbour as thyself.

If you have a friend who is of the Muslim faith, or you meet someone who is of the Muslim faith, perhaps who comes to you to hear about God. Maybe they heard you witness before. They all know about God, as a Prophet. Maybe, they want to hear about God, as the Father. Instead, when they speak to you? That is your cue for the immediate “Houdini” act, and you disappear. Where is the respect you deserve to give God’s word? What about trust and obey and bring others with you as you go? In the Bible in First Peter, Chapter 3, Verse 16, ~

Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

Do you know anyone you can talk with about God? Do you know anyone who wants to hear about God? Yes? No? What about if they are not Christians? What about those of the Muslim faith? Don’t compromise your faith, due to fear. Don’t compromise your faith for friendship. A friend will appreciate you much more, knowing you could be up front and straight with them about any issue, than knowing you do not feel comfortable enough to talk with them, as you would another friend. If you are a friend, or call yourself a friend, then show it. Talk about anything, talk about everything – Politics and Religion. People say, “Don’t ever talk about Politics and Religion.” Why not? In the book of Romans, Chapter 12, Verse 21, ~

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Be overcome with God- be overcome with Jesus- and be overcome with the Spirit….


Dear Heavenly Father,

I Praise You, Lord for Your mercy and Your forgiveness of sinners like me,

I praise You, for Salvation, and for Grace abound, of which we do not deserve.

Lord, every day I face trials, and at times my strength is spent.

Yet, Lord though I am taxed, I do not ask You to take this trial away.

I simply ask that Your will be done.

Sometimes I feel fear when faced with such great evils in this world, and I know that on my own I cannot get through this.

I call upon You Lord in these troublesome times to lead me forward with the flock, and to turn me away from the wolves.

I come to You, Father, and ask that You hear my plea. These great evils facing our Nation, Lord.

Please, Lord, give us all, believers and those who know Your name, Lord. I pray for the strength that I needed, to get through another day.

Help me to keep You in my heart at all times, and to call Your most precious name, when I am low of spirit, for You are my hope rests only in You.

I ask this all in Your most precious name.  Amen.

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