Get out your spiritual bar of soap, because a filthy mouth is NOT acceptable to the Lord- and neither are the derivatives.

The “derivatives” are words we use that are close to the swear words, but are not actually classified as swears.  If the real swear is what you mean to say in your heart, but don’t, then it’s still not acceptable.

Also on the “not acceptable” list is the phrase “OMG”.  Even if you replace God’s name with “goodness”, it’s still an almost swear- and a bad one at that since you are taking our Lord’s name in vain.

Our myth on swearing is o.k. discusses why swearing is not acceptable to the Lord, and why many of us may need to clean up our mouth.  What most of you will find, in the end, is that others around you will not swear, but many won’t know why.

Learn more in our August issue in “Why God Hates a Potty Mouth”.

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