Name It And Claim It: Does It Really Work?

The Bible does declare that God wants to give His children the “desires of our hearts”. But it also tells us what we need to do first. Are we treating God like a Genie who’s only job is to grant our wishes? Or are we striving each day to ensure our lives are pleasing to Him? 

What Does it Mean to “Name it, Claim it”?

Let’s say you attend a church service and a guest messenger is present. He or she is charismatic and has everyone “full of the spirit” or so it seems. You witness the speaker as they proceed to start calling people out and telling them “prophetically” how God wants to do something great in their lives. That God wants to give them what they’ve been praying for, and all they need to do is “name it” and then “claim it” as though it’s theirs. 

That thing could be a house, a car, more money, early retirement, it could be anything. But consider this: that thing could also be wanting their son or daughter to attend college, or get married, or change their behavior. They may have been praying for their husband to get a better job, or for their relationship with their siblings to improve.

These things require the cooperation of other people. Are we able to just name and claim these types of things? Can we name and claim anything? 

The question really involved the free will of other people. In faith, God can move mountains. However, the real conundrum arises when the person in question doesn’t want to change. What happens then? Does the name it and claim it still apply?

What about if we are not ready, yet? We can pray to be a billionaire, but if we can’t manage our finances what good is this blessing? Character and maturity are another questions that factor into this answer.

So When Does This Apply?

James Egan will discuss this issue in greater depth and will go through the nuances of the name it and claim it theory. He will expand on why it can work in certain situations, and why we may need to pray a bit differently in others.

Look for this topic and others in the next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on June 26, 2021. 

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