Natasha Owens recently returned to the music scene on July 7th with her new album, “We Will Rise”.  “We Will Rise features Natasha’s new single, “I Am Loved”.

The “I Am Loved” video released last April and immediately received nearly 200,000 views to date.  This explosions in views is attributed to an increasingly growing fanbase that has been waiting in anticipation since last year for Natasha to release a new album.

This year has been a busy one for Natasha Owens.  Natasha’s latest release was recorded with award-winning producer, Ed Cash while working on the “God is On The Move” Spring Tour.  Additionally, she has been on the road with tour dates with JJ Weeks and John Waller while performing support slots for Plumb and Matthew West.


Natasha’s rise to fame has not been an easy one.  Seven years ago, Natasha’s father died suddenly at the age of 58.  While cleaning his guns, one misfired causing a bullet to enter into his chest.

After the shock of losing her father had dissipated, depression had set in.  While in her darkest moment, Natasha’s pastor requested that she head up the music ministry at their church.  After a time spent in prayer, she accepted the position.  Shortly after, music, the mission, and ministry captivated her.  She began pouring herself into the music and the people within the church.  The Holy Spirit began to pour its peace into her, and imparted a drive to go further with the opportunity than she had thought possible.

For Natasha, music gave her the strength to move forward with her life and stopped the downward spiral.

Soon after, a friend prompted her to take her music into a recording studio.  Natasha created her first full-length project, and it didn’t take long before it circulated within the music industry.  She quickly found herself touring as the opening act for CCM’s well-known artists, and her music resonated with those desperate for hope.


Sometimes you have to pour out to other people,” she says. “You have to pour out in faith. That’s when and how you get your healing. I took the music minister position and while it was still a long process of climbing out of the depression, I was so focused on songs, it stopped the spiral. It took time, but the music held me. The songs gave me strength enough to get out of bed.”

““When we go through something that leaves us so broken, we have to give Him the credit for pulling us through,”” she says. “”We have to show empathy and help others through it. We have to be out there with the broken.””

“We Will Rise” is a collection of songs that inspires listeners to overcome their brokenness, release fear and regret that prevents us from moving forward.  It permits listeners to be honest to the point of vulnerability in the midst of storms.

“God’s intent for His children,” Natasha says. “wasn’t limited to survival.  He intends for us to thrive.  I have come that you may have life to the fullest (John 10:10).”

Natasha Owens will be our cover story for our September issue.  In it, she speaks candidly to Faith Filled Family about her career and her latest album, “We Will Rise”.

Natasha’s interview will be found in our Music Spotlight section.  Our next issue comes out August 28th, 2017.

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