National Geographic Channel will premiere a one-hour event entitled, ‘The Secrets of Christ’s Tomb: Explorer Special” on Sunday, December 3 at 9/8 CST.  This special will air globally in 171 countries, and in 45 different languages.
The Secrets of Christ’s Tomb will give viewers exclusive access to one of the most sacred sites in all of Christianity- the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem.  National Geographic follows a team of scientific experts as they attempt to repair the Edicule, which means little house, which encloses the burial chamber of Jesus.
Professor Antonia Moropoulou is the Chief Scientific Supervisor for the National Technical University of Athens, and is involved in the repair of the crumbling structure.  The deadline for its repair is immovable by the church patriarchs, and must be finished in time for the Easter ceremony of the Holy Fire.
Jesus’ tomb is a pilgrimage site for over two billion Christians, and “The Secrets of Christ’s Tomb” observes the collaboration and far-reaching efforts of the religious community, architects, scientists, and historians in restoring, protecting, and revealing the mysteries of the tomb.
The team, in this special, does discover the damage is far more extensive than anticipated, but it does become clearer that the Tomb must be opened.  The tomb, which has been sealed for hundreds of years and no living person has witnessed the final resting place of Christ, will be opened by the patriarchs for only 60 hours.
Dr. Fredrik Hiebert, who is an archaeologist in residence for National Geographic Society,and Tim Samuels, a correspondent with National Geographic are there to document and interpret what is revealed when the tomb is finally opened.  Additionally, scientific testing reveals the tomb goes back to at least the time of Christian Emperor, Constantine in 4th century AD.  This finding may transform our knowledge of Jesus’ final resting place.
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