Ever feel like something is missing?  Maybe you feel… incomplete somehow, and don’t know how to fill that void.

We all have an inherent need to be loved, and to feel loved.  We feel, sometimes, that there is something missing, and we muse to ourselves as to what that could be.  Oftentimes, we fill it with friends, activities, possessions, relationships, etc only to discover that it never really satisfies.  There is still that desire for more.

There is a love that exists that is unconditional.  In fact, this love will fill you up – there will not be a void- and will make you more confident.  It will encourage you, lift you up, guide you, and you will be a better person.  It will change your life- it will NOT be the same- and it will be everything that you are looking for, and have looked for, in your entire life.

Would you be interested?

Stop filling your life with “stuff” that will never satisfy you!  The world offers all types of things, but none of it can fill what’s missing.  Only the love of Christ can do that, and you are so important to Him, that He is seeking out a relationship with you.  You are all that matters to Him, and He is waiting to fill you with His satisfying love that no one else can give you.

Friends, husbands, wives, kids, relationships… people can and will disappoint you.  People inadvertently hurt you because they are not perfect.  However, they are not your source- only God is- and He is calling out to you to be His child.

In turn, He will heal your wounds, restore your life, love you beyond what you could every fathom, and bless you beyond belief.

Sound good?

Lisa Sterling will teach you in our June issue about what it means to be a Christian, and why salvation is important.  She will also discuss how to be saved, and what Christ can do in your life.

The only thing you have to loose is unhappiness.

Our next issue comes out May 26, 2017!

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