Interview with Producer/Director/Actress, Erin Bethea on Upcoming Movie, New Life

While actress Erin Bethea worked at Disney, her career took an unexpected turn towards movies as she was cast in the blockbuster film, Fireproof opposite Kirk Cameron.
Fireproof itself was a hit as it opened at #4 at the box office and became the #1 Independent film in 2008.  Erin quickly became the number four most searched for actress ( shortly after the film’s opening.  Fireproof has sold millions of DVDs globally.
After the movie’s success, Erin hosted two seasons of OMX: On Mission Xtra, and worked on films such as The Heart of Christmas (Candace Cameron Bure), Amazing Love, This is Our Time, The Redemption of Henry Myers, Alter Egos, and God’s Compass.  She is also known as the voice of “Maggie” in the movie, Iesodo.

Now, Erin is beginning her role as producer with Argentum Entertainment.  The tear-jerking romantic movie, New Life, is Argentum’s first feature film of which she writes, produces and acts as the leading role of Ava Kennedy.

Upon speaking with Erin, it is her desire to produce quality movies that have a broader appeal to inspire people globally.  It is her desire to create an impact on people’s lives with a message of hope.  This is exactly what Erin has done in her movie, New Life, quite successfully.

Faith Filled Family was privileged to speak with Erin on her new movie.  In it, she discusses why she decided to create this unusual type of movie, and the message that she hopes to impact viewers with.

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