Benjamin Morton’s life was transformed when he met the little girl next door named Ava.  Benjamin and Ava experienced life together right from childhood friendship, teen age romance, and eventually getting married shortly after completing their education.  Life seemed ideal for this couple who was so obviously in love.
Benjamin and Ava’s life wasn’t always perfect.  As with any relationship, they went through times of trials and triumphs.  Yet despite whatever season life had them in, they always worked through it together.
That is, until a series of unfortunate events began taking place which rocked their world, and would change it forever- including a diagnosis of cancer.
New Life is a deeply meaningful, and thought-provoking movie.  It will make you think, force you to examine your life and evaluate your priorities.  However, the most important message that the viewer leaves with, is that life is precious, and the only thing to do with life is to live it.  It will leave you with a sense of hope.


New Life will captivate you right from the beginning.  The characters are relatable- but sweet.  Benjamin and Ava’s life together is portrayed in a realistic fashion.  You see the couple go through the ups and downs of dating, to balancing work, home and the relationship as a newly married couple.  You feel the heartbreak when the marriage goes through times of trial- which they all do- but you also feel the joy when everything is resolved.
Life is portrayed very accurately, but the message remains clear: that every minute of life is precious.  Life isn’t something to be taken for granted, nor is your marriage.  Things can change in an instant, and we all go through seasons in life.  However, what matters is how we treat important relationships in our lives.
In life, we should never forget or take for granted those that matter most.  There may be a time in our lives when we may regret our decisions if we don’t.

Cons (maybe)

If you are looking for a happily-ever-after movie, this is not for you.  New Life is a romance/love story movie with a message.  It is definitely not a boy meets girl, go through a trial, and end in a wonderful fuzzy feeling.  This movie is a reach for the Kleenex and keep another box handy type of movie.  It will make you cry not just because some parts are very sad (and it’s in those moments that you receive such clarity that it is outstanding), but you will cry because in some respects, it is beautiful.  There is such a deep love between the couple, and such an undeniable bond that you cannot help but feel what they go through.
The only real con is that the only mention of God is through prayer.  There is nothing that goes against the Bible- in fact in some respects (not all), it emulates what marriage should look like.  However, God is not explicitly mentioned in ways one might expect a faith-based movie to be.
Those who were involved in its production and script did this for a purpose, and will be revealed in our interview in our next issue.
I would highly recommend this movie to couples.  I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t predictable.  The message caused me to look at my own life, which proved that it was clear, and effectively communicated.  I cried (which I don’t usually do in movies) because parts of it was sad (you feel for the characters) and other parts were simply beautiful.
The script was extremely well-written and very clean.  It portrayed life accurately and honestly.  You didn’t end up liking one character and not another.  You liked and understood both husband and wife.
It is a very rare movie, wonderfully done!
Details can be viewed on their website:
Movie will premiere in theaters on October 28, 2016
Thank you to Lovell-Fairchild for allowing us to review this movie!

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