Is the Christian Voice Being heard?

It’s an important question, and no one considers asking it. Groups that reflect a small percentage of the population have the loudest voice. So what happened to the Christian voice? Why is our voice stifled in a society that touts inclusivity? Moreover, if we chose to say nothing, what kind of legacy are we leaving our children?

Will Their Faith Be Diluted?

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We invest so much into our children at a personal level. We want them to be successful, happy, and have opportunities. But what about the future that we are leaving them? Schools are teaching children as young as Kindergarten to embrace ideals that go against biblical principles. It is one thing to educate for the purpose of not discriminating. We should teach our children to love others. After all, Jesus did. It is another to force someone to go against their beliefs.

We wouldn’t do that to many other faiths. So, why is our voice silenced? Doesn’t it deserve to be respected, too if we are truly an inclusive society? What happened to the idea of a melting pot culture?

If we are silent on issues that go against the only fundamental truth that exists- the Bible- then who’s voice, ultimately, are our children going to hear? Society enforces cultural norms. Will they follow biblical truths or societal norms?

Are we leaving them with a bible-based legacy? What truths are we leaving them?

We need to know the Word of God

God should be involved in everything, therefore church and state should co-exist. God doesn’t just want to be involved in your personal life! He wants to be involved in your state, province, or city. The legislation doesn’t just kind of affect us. It DEFINITELY affects us. Our job is to ascertain whether it is in alignment with His Word. If it doesn’t, we have some praying to do!

Our April issue tackles common legislation and compares them to biblical principles. Are we truly a nation under God, anymore? We discuss both sides of the issue and contrast it to God’s Word.

Who Will Emerge as The Victor?

Well, God is ultimately the victor over every situation. Yet, are we inviting Him in? He won’t move if uninvited. Are we teaching our kids the truth about the Bible? We should be discussing some of these issues with them. If they do not hear the biblical truth, they will believe a fallacy.

Is that what you want from them? Does that type of legacy make you proud?

Furthermore, if your child is the next great leader, what values do you want him/her to bring with them? What ideals do you want them fighting for? What will the legacy after them look like?

Will God look at us and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”? Or will we make Him claim, “I knew Him not.”

What will your legacy be?

April issue goes out on our website and across social media on March 26, 2021

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