The National Football League (NFL) just upheld a four game suspension against New England Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady, after it was discovered that footballs were tampered with which lead to a scandal known as “Deflategate”.

Commissioner Roger Goodell affirmed the May suspension after new information about the destruction of Brady’s cell phone revealed that he sought to hide evidence of his participation in the scheme.

Brady’s agent and attorney, Don Yee claims that Brady is innocent, citing that the appeal process was a sham.

Brady denies any knowledge of plans to underinflate footballs thereby making the footballs easier to grip.

The plot thickened, though, as on March 6 Brady was interviewed by investigators hired on behalf of the NFL.  The league says that it was informed that around that date, Brady wanted his assistant to destroy his cell phone that he had used since November.

This time period included the AFC Championship Game and the subsequent investigation into football tampering.

The investigators had requested Brady’s lawyers for the cell phone several times on and before February 28.  However, the destruction of the cell had not been disclosed to investigators when it was again requested.

It was not disclosed until four months later that Brady’s lawyers informed the league that the cell phone had been destroyed.  When questioned at the appeal, Brady reported that it had been destroyed because it was his usual practice after obtaining a new phone.

Yee says that they presented the commissioner with large amounts of electronic data which was ignored by Goodell.   He says he is uncertain as to why that was.

Brady began using his new phone on March 6th which lead the NFL to believe that the other one was destroyed the same day.

The phone in question contained over 10,000 text messages and Brady’s lawyers provided the league with a letter stating that the texts could no longer be obtained.

The Patriots start the season, on September 10 against Pittsburgh.

Our Two Cents ;

Tom Brady is a very influential person and touts himself as a devoted Catholic who remained entrenched in his faith while playing professional football.  Many children and adults look up to him. This incident was and still is, very shocking to most.

While there is a possibility that he may be innocent, the evidence is very condemning.  If you had nothing to hide, you would produce ALL contents of your cell phone- including and especially texts- when first asked.  Also, no one destroys a phone when you can simply wipe it clean to remove all of your data.  Destroying a phone is unnecessary- unless you wanted to make sure evidence was not found in any way, shape, or form.

Many still feel that the Patriots were unjustly punished and want to see Brady reinstated.  However, are their interests based in fairness, or because he is a winning quarterback?

The ruling in this situation was fair especially since it was a Super Bowl game that can’t be replayed.  A definite winner cannot be determined, and the penalty also deters any other team who decides to follow suit- or maybe tries to teach the Patriots a lesson.  We want all teams protected against injustice.

Cheating is unacceptable in the eyes of the Lord, and is a sin. It had very serious consequences since the true victors are unknown.  Some believe that God is not in sports, but God is in everything.  He cares about sports, but more importantly our actions in every aspect of life.

Brady’s actions, at the very least, were not God honoring, nor were whoever was responsible for this scandal.  Nothing done in darkness will not be uncovered by the light, and in the end, God will seek vengeance.

Our Prayer;

Lord, we pray when the season starts up, that others have learned from this and know dishonestly does not pay off. Lord, we pray that you Put your love around the team, officials, and teams. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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