Why Does it Appear that Non-Christians Have it Easier?

“I’m a Christian. Life should be easy for me now that I’m walking in the Lord,” said frustrated Christians everywhere.

While it is easy to compare our walk to those around us, we don’t receive a true depiction of what their life is like. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. You can examine a person and admire their lifestyle, but you need to be aware that it is just a facade.

What we see on the surface is what others want us to see. For all we know, the most polished, successful businessperson could have hidden financial trouble. Don’t assume that just because non-Christians may have a gorgeous house and three vehicles parked in the driveway that their finances are taken care of. Realistically, if you were poor with money before being successful, you will still struggle afterwards.

Are Non-Christians Happier?

What do you really think? While on the surface, they may seem to have it all, they don’t enjoy the benefits of Christian living. God offers something better than what the world has to offer. He is our comforter when we are upset. All non-believers have is themselves, or the universe. The universe often leads them astray.

God is our source of peace. All the world tells people is to relax and breathe deeply. Medicate if necessary. These may work some of the time, or treat the symptoms, but they won’t heal the source.

And there are more…

Alexis Wohler discusses why Christianity is better, and discusses why all that glitters in a non-Christian’s world may not be gold. If fact, the worst part is, it’s not God.

When we focus on what we do have instead of coveting others, we have an inner peace that surpasses all understanding. At the end of the day, we know we will be living in eternity with our Creator. Can a non-believer reap the same reward? Think the meaning behind it- the true meaning of eternity.

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