As A Mom, Kids Will Rock Your World!

Yes. Children will not just rock your world, they’ll turn you upside down. At birth, through adulthood, kids are always and forever, your kids. 

 As you move through months and years, you’ve read the Bible, prayed with them, and made sure they have good Christian friends. You’ve worked hard to not let them become arrogant nor exclusive of other kids. You certainly are not overbearing.  

I Was A Different Kind Of Mom…


I might let you know, I was the epitome of perhaps the worst mom, like, ever. But I don’t regret these things. I didn’t dress like a beauty queen while baking cookies and running a ladies’ Bible study. I didn’t wear makeup, never wore heels, didn’t have my nails ‘done.’ Didn’t get my son into the Boy Scouts (he was ADHD and back then, no one understood).  

What I did was unique to me, as your child raising is, unique to you. Don’t feel shame if it’s different, in oroutside the perfect picture of the stay-at-home Christian parent since God did not call us to be in cliques or look down our noses because of the way others dress. A requirement for the perfect parent in a church’s eyes becomes works.

What I did for my son was dirt bike (motorcycle). I picked him up at kindergarten on the motorcycle every day. When I wasn’t working, I showed up at his lunch during middle school. As a single parent, I taught him how to bike, throw a football and baseball.

Okay, granted, I throw like a girl, but that’s beside the point.

Taught him how to play soccer. Taught him how to shoot. And my clothes of choice included, yes, camo pants. Every month we had a movie, fudge brownies, and ice cream night, and played cards. His friends could visit on weekends and we’d play video games and go camping. But I let him have plenty of room.   

If you are that mom, too, take heart. This makes you no less of a Christian. If you get your nails done, there are days I envy that. But, be yourself, because when you are true to yourself and walk with the Lord, including other kids who do not fit in, you’re showing your children that God accepts your uniqueness, a steady walk with the Lord, and that sense of compassion you hope you have and show. 

That said, kids rock your world in other ways. They will develop a unique set of emotions, skills, quirks. Some will grate our inner being as every parent has gone through. When they stray, pray, and do your best to not judge, but to lead them back. 

Drugs, sex, and alcohol are so woven into our society today it’s tough for kids to not follow those peers. I will admit right here, I bribed my son. He got a car. Yep, I fell into that. However, having giving him a car was better than me getting a midnight phone call to see a seventeen-year-old taken to the hospital—with alcohol.   

Want to know why I felt okay with this bribe? My son’s friend drove with his girlfriend too fast around a corner. They had alcohol in their system, and crashed. The girl died and the young man went to prison. The young woman who died also was not a Christian. 

Many of our kids will stay on the straight and narrow, and many will fall away as they grow older. This is really tough. You can only share so much before they push you out of their lives for being ‘too pious’ in their eyes. So, pray and love. Sometimes, mom and dad, that’s the only thing you can do. 

Kids. They rock your world with joy and angst. 

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