November 2021 Issue

Too many Christians are walking around with an attitude that they are lowly. They feel defeated, lack confidence and aren’t confident in who they are in Christ. How do you convince them that they are the victor and not the victim? How can we change their mentality?

No Christian should ever feel worthless! November 2021 was designed to give people back hope and encouragement. This issue should change the way people view themselves and change their walk with God. We want to give people hope that a better tomorrow exists and that they are worth far more than they ever imagined in God’s eyes.

They need to feel that love of Christ. They need to know they are children of the most high God.

Please email your selection to Michelle Danko ( for confirmation. The due date for this issue is October 12, 2021.

  1. “I am an overcomer!” Discuss what scripture says about us being able to overcome every situation, temptation and circumstance. How do we go from a life of defeat to a life of victory? What about if we have been beaten down by life? How do we rise again from adversity? (Taken)
  2. Why is it important that we know who we are in Christ? Discuss how it helps in our relationship with God, our perception, and our faith. (Taken)
  3. “I am blessed.” What does this mean? Discuss the various ways that God blesses us and what it means for us personally, and what He wants to do through us. What if you feel like you are not walking in the blessing? Are there things that can hinder it? (Taken)
  4. Why is it important that we develop godly character? Will God promote someone who is talented but doesn’t have godly character? Why or why not? Why is character so crucial to promotion?
  5. How do we get over negative self-talk? Where does it stem from? How do we turn the negative things that people have spoken over us into positive? Moreover, how do we heal from past scars?
  6. What does it mean to be an heir of Christ? How are we heirs of Christ? What does this entitle us to?
  7. “God will supply my every need.” How do you give hope to those that feel God has let them down or abandonned them? What do you say to someone who believed and didn’t receive? Incorporate want versus need. Why may some “need” prayers go unanswered?
  8. How do we develop a compassionate heart towards others? Discuss how not to become jaded and how to recognize if your thoughts have become tainted. How do you get over someone using you without holding on to malice? Why is this important in our Christian walk?
  9. Scripture tells us not to be of this world but to be transformed by renewing our minds. How do we refrain from falling back into worldly ways? How do you transform your mind? How do you align your thoughts and actions to scripture? Why can this be difficult? What are the pitfalls?
  10. How do you feel the love of Christ? Discuss what God’s love looks like. Why does He love us so much? Why does it sometimes feel like He doesn’t or is far away? Discuss what to do in these cases, what the scriptural reality is, and how to draw closer despite ourselves. What can keep us away from God’s love? (Taken)
  11. What is unconditional love? Why is God the only one who can provide this? How does this benefit us? Contrast how this is different from any love we have ever experienced and the different kinds of love.
  12. How do we become the light of the world? What does this mean? How are people drawn to Christians? What purpose? Are people attracted to the light within us? Why?
  13. Scripture tells us that God is our refuge. How do we take refuge in Him during hardship or times of dispair? What will draw us close to Him? What happens when we abide in Him? Discuss how God gives us peace, strength, and how we can better hear Him when we are calm and in faith.
  14. How can we refrain from being anxious? Discuss the peace of God and how to walk in it. Why should we not be fearful? What does it do to us physically, scripturally, and mentally? Why should we not worry? (Taken)
  15. Discuss how we can see others as Christ sees them. What happens when we do? Why is this important in our relationships?
  16. Why are we not bound by our past? How do we move on from past mistakes? What does scripture have to say? How can we confidently move forward? What does God say when we make mistakes? How do we forgive ourselves?
  17. How do we love ourselves without pride setting in? How do you remain humble? Discuss what pride does and how to do a self-check.
  18. Most of us know how to be strong, but what about vulnerable? What does this vulnerability and openness do in our marriages? How can we break down barriers? How do you know if you have put one up? What do you do if your spouse won’t let you in?
  19. How do you scripturally overcome feelings of unworthiness or rejection? Discuss how to scripturally regain confidence.
  20. What does it mean to walk in the victory of Christ? Is it an easy walk? What victory are we given spiritually?