Emmy award-winning studio host and broadcaster James (J.B.) Brown is accustomed to dealing with numbers as a sportscaster.  However, two years ago, J.B. Brown became concerned about his own weight.  At 295 pounds, he suffered from high blood pressure, was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and experienced sleep apnea.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes that less than 5% of adults engage in 30 minutes of physical activity per day, and only 33% receive the recommended amount of physical activity per week.  80% of adults don’t meet the recommendations for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.  Additionally, under 34% of seniors 65-74 are even physically active.

J.B. Brown“My dad died at 46 of stomach cancer,” says Brown, who is now 67 years old. “I was aware that by being overweight, I was asking for trouble. I had undertaken a number of weight loss efforts in the past, but when I found a program that was centered on Biblical principles I knew that was for me.”

J.B. Brown took matters into his own hands by joining the NutriMost program which was developed by a Christian doctor, and is entirely biblically rooted.

“There’s a 40-day weight reduction period — the number of transformation,” he explained. “There’s a three-day recovery period — new birth or resurrection. And then there’s the maintenance phase. So it’s gone really well, but as I looked at their affirmations — and they’re good affirmations — I made mine all about the Lord. I want to be a strong vessel for His use: energetic, enthusiastic, healthy. So it’s kind of the same principle as in Matthew 6:33, which says ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added.’ If I seek to be a strong, healthy, energetic vessel for Him, everything else — my family, my employer, my wife, my grandkids — they’ll all be beneficiaries.”

J.B. Brown sits down with Faith Filled Family and discusses his journey with weight loss, what led up to his decision, and his faith.  Brown speaks highly of the weight loss program, and will inform readers of its benefits.

“My job is to model what I believe, whether it’s in the secular field or doing ministry,” says J.B. Brown. “I try to do my job with excellence so that there’s no complaining, no issues at all about me, not only meeting the mark but exceeding the mark, treating people like Christ treats us, with grace and love. My belief in Jesus Christ is the foundational stone of my life, and the Word of God undergirds everything I do.”

Our interview with J.B. Brown and more can be found in our September issue releasing on August 26th, 2018.


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