However Paris Attacks Prove ISIS Attacks are Still Ongoing

A national security analyst claims that the United States is not ready to stop a Paris-like terrorist attack, and holds only one person responsible: Barack Obama.

Bob Maginnis of the Family Research Council says that President Barack Obama is ultimately to blame.  He feels that it is because the President had ignored the warnings about ISIS for years.  Maginnis notes that the President strangely claimed that ISIS was contained just hours before terrorists launched a well-coordinated attack on France proving otherwise.

Maginnis claims that Obama’s statement was far from the truth, and that Obama was aware of it.  He furthers claims that for political reasons, Obama put in jeopardy U.S. safety, and that of the West.

U.S. Senator, James Lankford said on Fox News that ISIS is not contained.  He calls the description made by Obama as “strange” because ISIS isn’t even contained in Syria and Iran.

According to The Associated Press, the multiple attacks launched in Paris Friday night killed 129 people and left hundreds more injured.

Authorities identified Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who is a Belgian citizen as the person in charge of these attacks.  Abaoud is now in Syria.

In Turkey, Obama found himself pressed about anti-terrorist strategy on Monday morning when an NBC reporter questioned as to whether he knew the Islamic State well enough to defeat it.

Obama replied that they are fully aware of the potential capabilities of ISIS carrying out a terrorist attack, and that is why the U.S. has been mounting aggressive strategies in going after them.

“Unless we understand the ideology that is motivating this group,” says Maginnis, “and unless we do something decisive to contain it – to stop it, to kill it – it’s going to get out of hand. Now I believe it’s out of hand.”

Reuters News Service reported that Islamic State warned that Monday it plans to strike America at its center and named Washington, D.C. as its target.


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