October 2021 Issue

October 2021 will discuss fallacies that we fall into that damage our lives. These fallacies affect how we think, and promote discontent in our lives. They don’t line up with the Word and create unrealistic expectations as we walk our lives and our faith. This issue will bring a dose of truth to our walk, and bring light upon perversions.

Please send your preference(s) to Michelle Danko (mcdanko@eyeworship.org) for confirmation. The due date for submissions is September 15, 2021.

  1. Knight in Shining Armor Fallacy: Growing up, most girls fall in love with those Cinderella stories. As we mature, we fall in love with romantic novels and movies wherein women are saved by this knight in shining armor, and riding off into the sunset. How does this play into our expectations when it comes to finding a spouse? Are these visions unrealistic? Do they line up to what God says? Discuss. (Taken)
  2. Piggybacking off of #1, discuss what qualities we should look for in a mate, and why. What constitutes a godly spouse and does this conflict with the images that are begin promoted to us presently? How do you go back onto a godly path, and how do you set yourself/your teens up for success in this area? (Taken)
  3. The Almost But Not Really Porn Fallacy: Chrisitans know that porn is bad. However, they equate porn to X-ratings. Movies rated R can be just as equally bad as X-rated ones in terms of explicit sexual content. Attack the sentiment that this is not porn (even though it is soft porn) and how this is displeasing to God. Get to the heart of what defines porn, and how this falls into the same category. Remove all justifications to watch these types of movies, and why they are unhealthy for a relationship.
  4. The I Don’t Need a Man Fallacy: Attack the thought process that a woman doesn’t need a man for anything. This is not an indpendant woman issue or happy being single. This is attacking the thought process that diminishes and demeans men. Where did it come from? Why is it not biblical? How should a man be treated in marriage? What happens when he is not treated this way? How can you keep a man happy in marriage?
  5. The Gender Fallacy: Children are told at a young age that they decide their gender- not God. Is this God’s design or some perversion? Does this ideology play with the minds of impressionable children? Does it take them down a wrong path of exploration? Is this biblical? If not, how do parents counter it?
  6. The Pride Fallacy: Identify what constitutes (biblical) pride and discuss whether/how pride is rampant in today’s society. Are we taught to be this way? What is the difference between pride and high self-esteem? How do we become more in line with how God expects us to behave? Taken)
  7. The Success Fallacy: Discuss what defines success in God’s eyes. How can we tell if our success is God-led or man made? What are the signs of each (so they can be identified)? How does God promote? What does self-promotion look like, and why is it wrong? (Taken)
  8. The Lust Fallacy: What defines lust between the sexes (how does a man lust, how does a woman lust)? Discuss the thoughts behind each of these and the little lies that we use to justify it to ourselves. What does being free from lust look like? How can we make our thoughts pure? What should our thoughts be regarding the opposite sex?
  9. The Love Fallacy: What is love in a relationship? Discuss the phases of love in a relationship and where people often get stuck. How do you gain victory in the areas that a person may be stuck in ie. lost the warm, fuzzy feeling? Provide tips and encouragement to overcome obsticles that may result in the termination of a marriage. (Taken)
  10. The Love-Lust Paradigm: Discuss the differences between love and lust. How can people tell the difference? What road to each of these take you down? What happens when you marry with a foundation of lust versus a foundation of love? How do you correct things?
  11. The Entitlement Paradigm: How can you tell if you have a sense of entitlement? What about your kids? Discuss how this manefests and why? Can we have a sense of entitlement when it comes to our conversations with God? What does this look like, and discuss why it is wrong.
  12. The Money Fallacy: Discuss the fallacy that money is the key to happiness. How should we spend our money? What should our mindset be? Why does God reward people with money? What is His purpose versus our own? How can you tell if your views on money have been tainted? (Taken)
  13. The Status Fallacy: As we grow up, we are taught to work hard, and get a good paying job. However, we are not always taught pure motives. Success is equated to wealth, power and status. How do we teach our kids God’s definition of success? Relate success back to Matthew 6:33. How does God see success and what purpose does it serve in a godly context? (taken)
  14. The I Read My Bible That’s Good Enough Fallacy: Discuss how just reading scripture daily is baseline Christian living. Why is it important to read to understand/recieve revellation? What does meditating on God’s Word do? How do we draw closer to Him? (Taken)
  15. The Romance Fallacy: Women read romance novels about exceptionally flawless man doing grand gestures to gain the maiden’s affections. Does this distort our views on men and what we can realistically expect in a relationship? How do we end up mentally comparing these men to our spouse? Discuss what our thoughts should be towards our spouse, and what expectations are realistic.
  16. The Desperate Housewives Scenario: Discuss how bitterness has ruined relationships and how to tell if you have become your own brand of a desperate housewife/househusband. How can you tell if your expectations are unrealistic? How do you combat feelings of dissatisfaction and begin to appreciate your spouse again?
  17. Discuss why people maintain a superficial facade. What happens when you live in a plastic world versus being down to earth? What does God have to say about a life lived superficially versus with heart? (Taken)
  18. Discuss why people think that God is a vending machine- if I ask for _____ and claim scripture, I will get it. Why do people become frustrated with God this way? Discuss why God will not answer prayer if the heart is not right. Also incorporate why prayers become delayed/unanswered when we aren’t ready for promotion. What if we were promoted at this stage? What would we see? Why does God prevent these things? (Taken)
  19. Pitch a fallacy
  20. Pitch a fallacy