Do you know the difference between the two supernatural realms?  What about your kids?

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to address some common misconceptions surrounding occult activity, as well as introduce some of the supernatural elements of God’s design for believers.  While most people are under the perception that occult activity such as ouija boards, tarot card readings, etc are “all in fun”, there is a really spiritual danger that comes with engaging in these types of activities.  While you may not believe in them, or that there is any power to it, the reality is that there is indeed Satanic power in these acts.  Engaging in them can mean spiritual consequences not only for yourself, but for your family as well.

Children tend to be the most vulnerable to occult activity.  Their innocence and imagination provide the perfect backdrop for Satan to move in.  Satan makes his ways enticing to young believers, and most of this activity is introduced during slumber parties.

Remember back to your youth?  Many of us were introduced to ouija boards under the guise of fun, or stayed up late and watched a horror movie.  Some of us concocted ghost stories around a camp fire while roasting marshmallows.  All of this seemed like fun… but this is how Satan gets a foothold into your life.  The door has been opened.  The question then becomes, are your children able to shut the door?  Do they recognize what the occult looks like?  Have they been taught the dangers (that while it presents itself as a game things turn bad quickly)?  Do they know enough not to dabble in occult practices?

It’s not an area widely discussed, and parents are often ill-equipped in this area.  However, in our October issue, we will teach you how to prepare your children to recognize occult activity, how to protect them, and how to teach them the seriousness of engaging in it.

We also focus on adults as we teach you why you never want to go down this road yourself, and the implications that it can have.  We talk about visions, dreams, and their interpretation.  We discuss the supernatural part of God’s design in terms of healing, health, miracles, and prosperity.  We also talk about the “spooky” aspect of Satan’s plans: demons and familiar spirits.  We teach you how to get rid of them, and their purpose in your life.

Interviews include: Clare Niederpruem (Little Women), C3NC music, G.F. Watkins (Test Me: The Malachi Mystery), Mia Wright (Unthinkable) and Tanner Ming (Ride for Freedom).

Get ready to kick Satan to the curb and catapult the supernatural into your life with our latest issue!  Our October issue can be read here.

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