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Parents Cautioned About Upcoming Mini-Series Of Kings and Prophets

The Parents Television Council is issuing a warning regarding ABC’s new mini-series entitled, “Of Kings and Prophets”.

Although Of Kings and Prophets is adapted from the first two chapters of the Old Testament’s Book of Samuel, the executive producer is comparing it to HBO’s Game of Thrones which contains extreme violence and sexual content.

“These stories [in Of Kings and Prophets] are violent and sex-drenched,” added Chris Bracanto during the Television Critics Association’s press tour. “We’re going to go as far as we can … we’ll be fighting with broadcast standards and practices.”

The series is scheduled to premiere on March 8th.

Melissa Henson, who works with the Parents Television Council warns the public not to fall for the deception.  Henson says that the series is not going to be honoring to the Bible, and will not be something that will honor Christian beliefs and values.  She claims that it is an excuse to “saturate the broadcast airwaves with excessive sex and violence.”

The ABC series is scheduled to premiere on March 8.

Melissa Henson with the Parents Television Council has a simple, but urgent message for the public.

“Don’t be deceived,” says Henson. “This is not going to be something that’s going to be honoring of the stories [in the Bible]; it’s not going to be something that’s honoring of people’s beliefs and values. It is merely an excuse to saturate the broadcast airwaves with excessive sex and violence.”

Bracanto says denies Henson’s accusations stating the there was no discussion on enhancing sexual content to boost ratings.  He claims that they are merely retelling the story written in 1 and 2 Samuel which, he says has “plenty of sex and violence on its own.”

PTC has reached out to the top 200 national advertisers warning them about their sponsorship of the mini-series could impact their image.

“[We have] warned them of what the content is going to be and [we’ve] warned them of the potential damage they could be doing to their brand identity, to their corporate image if they choose to support this kind of content,” Henson explains. “Because we know that there’s research that shows that advertising on programs … saturated in sex and violence actually can hurt advertisers. It can damage their ability to sell their product.”

She hopes advertisers will take action.


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