Organization Tips For Maintaining Balance and Efficiency

“Has anyone found my keys? And while you’re at it, has anyone found my peace? My joy? My fun life? My time? My career? My creativity? My smile? My youth? Thanks, I just really need to find those.”
Can you relate?
Disorganization is about so much more than just the lost keys. Being disorganized can lead to great loss. Loss of our peace, joy, fun, our precious time, our work, creativity and our smiles. Even loss of our youth because in disorganization we spend our time wasting what is truly important.
As the Mom of five children, a pilot’s wife, and business owner, I get it! In my personal experience, I have lost so much being disorganized! I have lost time with my husband and children. I have lost and wasted money. I have lost friendships & relationships that were important to me. I have lost positions and promotions that counted. I have lost a home atmosphere that was wonderful to live in and come home to.  I have lost so much time trying to find those stinkin’ keys!
My solution: I took responsibility for my home and my work. I got organized.
From the garage to the basement, the office to the home- every closet, nook, drawer, and spot was purged. I cleaned it out, got organized and staged my life for success. Not over-scheduled, not over-spending, not over-worked, not over-exhausted; I got over-organized.
Organization has changed my life as a parent, wife, business owner. Being organized has allowed me to find all that was being wasted and all that was important to me. I incorporated organization in my scheduling, my finances, my “stuff”, my home needs, my work needs, my spiritual life, and my entire life.
My secret: I only surround myself with the people and the things I love and I need.
When all your people and things are organizaed, you and your family will have time for all that is important to you and you will find the time to enjoy the youth of your children.
Go find your keys, make a designated place for them when you walk through the door, place the keys there every day, and then go play!
Jennifer Chase is Founder of Frugi Home Organizer, LLC., Author of “Simple Start-Up: How to start a Home-Based Business. Simply.” Mother of five boys, married to Captain Dan Chase and lives in beautiful Colorado. You can contact Jennifer directly: and follow me on Twitter @FrugiLife.

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