Hollywood glorifies it, and the church is divided on the subject.

Demonic possession has been the topic of numerous blockbuster hits in the secular world, and is so believable to many people, that fear is actually instilled in them.  At some level, we know inwardly that such things can and do exist in the spiritual realm.  However, do we really know the truth about the subject of demonic oppression and possession?

Possession, Oppression, or Something Else?

Some churches do not speak of the possibility that people can be possessed, stating that either it does not exists except for in movies, or they lull themselves into a false belief that no one in their congregation could possibly be oppressed/possessed.  In the end, the issue never gets addressed, and people never learn the truth.  Then, as in some cases, when it does happen, people hide it because they will be considered “crazy” by some, or they will bury it and act normal only to have outbursts inconveniently “eek” out.
People around them will excuse their behavior citing that this is just the way they are, as if that somehow makes things okay.  Yet no one will take this demon head-on and alleviate the torture the person is experiencing.
Other churches acknowledge that possession/oppression exists, and will cast out the entity.  They assume that the demon is gone.  The person is feeling better, but soon, the behavior returns again.  Why?
Furthermore, there is a debate in churches that do believe in the supernatural that a demon cannot be inside someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit since goodness and evil cannot co-exist.  Yet some believer’s feel like they are being tortured.  What is causing these feelings?
Learn the answers to these questions and debunk myths in our next issue coming out on September 26th.  In this article, we will reveal the truth according to scripture about demonic possession/oppression.  Discover how to live a life free of feelings of being “tortured” and full of Christ.
Everyone deserves to live in victory.

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