What Do you Do when all you hold dear is stripped away and you are forced to rebuild?

Coach John Harrison’s life changes in an instant when a large, local manufacturing plant shuts down. The unexpected news shocks the community as many workers are now forced to find work elsewhere.

The mass exodus of workers doesn’t concern John much… at first. Despite the dropping rate of students, he still has his star basketball players, and has aspirations of state championships this year still seem achievable.

Hope quickly turns to despair as he watches more and more families move away. His dreams of a championship dissipate along with his worth when he is forced to take a 10% pay cut, and comes to the realization that there aren’t enough students to make a basketball team.

As if things weren’t bad enough, John is now asked to coach the cross-country team, which is a sport that he knows nothing about, nor likes.

And just when he thought that things couldn’t get any worse….

There is only one runner, Hannah Scott who tries out, and she’s asthmatic!

Asthma, however, isn’t Hannah’s only downfall. Hannah struggles with feeling loved. You see, she was told by her grandma that both of her parents died from a drug overdose, and her relationship with her bitter grandma isn’t the best. She doesn’t know God, and feels that running is the only thing that she is good at.

Hannah quickly learns that things aren’t always as they appear, and much like Coach Harrison, she, too, must not only overcome difficult situations, but discover who she truly is in Christ.

Overcomer Pros

Overcomer is a movie that has a consistent message woven through the eyes of an adult and a child. It asks audiences, “Who does God say you are?” and challenges our perception of ourselves. It forces us to question whether we allow others to define us, where we place our worth, and whether we derive our self-concept from God or others.

Overcomer will not only entertain the entire family, but will challenge you to think about your own life as well- no matter what age you are. Humour is strategically interjected into the movie, and the characters are so relatable! Audiences will be able to feel and identify with them at their various stages throughout the movie.

Overcomer Cons

There are some things to be aware of, as parents, but they are minor and are integral to the story. Hannah has such low self-worth, so there are scenes where she feels compelled to steal. She shows no remorse, and it’s a habit that she has developed.

There is also the discussion of Hannah’s parents and their meth addiction. The audience sees the bitter anger her grandmother has over the situation. The backstory is also gone into with a bit of detail.

Overcomer: Attend or avoid?

Definitely attend. It will change your perspective, and may open up a dialogue with your children who need to hear the same message.

While I, personally, resonated more with the Kendrick brothers‘ earlier work, Overcomer is still a wonderful family friendly movie. It is very realistically done, and it’s message is very poignant.

Families will find themselves engrossed in the movie from the start as they will find the characters struggle with many of the same thoughts that they have. Audiences will see an open dialogue between the characters, and the raw emotions of people going through a valley in life. Characters are portrayed openly and honestly- which is what makes it so impactful!

Take your family, and watch this movie. Your life, I guarantee, will not be the same.

Overcomer releases tomorrow, August 23, 2019, in theatres. For more information, please visit Overcomermovie.com

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