Exodus 3:10a says, “I am sending you…”  

When you first begin your profession you likely desire to climb the corporate ladder. You want to be “successful” and show people what you are capable of doing. This is great! It really is…but sometimes when you finally get the opportunity to move up you find yourself making excuses of why you shouldn’t take the job. You aren’t smart enough, you aren’t ready, you aren’t…you get the idea.

MosesI am here to tell you that you can continue to come up with excuses, if you really want to. Moses did! As you also know, Moses ended up taking the job. It is hard to argue with God and win. Many times you feel a tugging on your heart to do something. Maybe it is to change vocations, or apply for a job that seems a little out of reach. You feel in your heart that you should take the job, but you keep on coming up with excuses, excuses of why you shouldn’t take the job. Excuses of how you would fail at the task. I can say that I completely understand, I was there too.

Leading people can be an intimidating task. When I was 27 I was asked to be the administrator of a school. I completed the courses, I went through the interview, and I was ready to go, or was I? I thought to myself, “Who am I that these people going to listen to me?” Some of these teachers have twenty or thirty years of experience and now I am supposed to tell them how to become better after five years of teaching! Some of these educators had more teaching experience than I had life experience.

When all was said and done I was offered the job and I prayed about it. I talked to God about how this probably isn’t going to work. I am not a good public speaker, I am not smart enough, I definitely am not experienced enough, and this is going to be tough. The more I read the Bible, the more I found Moses and I had something in common. We were called to lead people, not because of our own desire. God wanted us to lead. I also had people on the sideline chiming in. On one side I had people saying, “We need someone young and energetic, you will do a great job!” On the other side I had people saying, “How are you going to handle these tough situations? You seem a little young, are you sure you are even ready?” Seeds of doubt were planted along with seeds of hope. After arguing…I mean talking to God for a while more on the subject…He won. I took the job. I can honestly say I never anticipated being an administrator, the Principal of a school, and now I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

So when the call is there and you feel the tug on your heart, please don’t just sit there! God is calling you to get out there and make a positive change to those around you. May God bless your future endeavors!

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