The Death Of A Relationship Can Be As Simple As This

When we begin a relationship, we always put our best foot forward. We present ourselves in a positive light, and minimize anything that we deem ...

Fear Says You Can’t- Look For A Way To Make It Possible

"But I can't afford it!" While there is wisdom in avoiding debt, sometimes we talk ourselves out of things due to fear. Marriage and children ...

Is Your Marriage Missing God’s Mark?

Scripture tells us that God is love. Yet, do you really know what love is? For most of us, we identify marriage with a romantic ...

Hey, Millennials! Tired Of Being Called A Snowflake?

Adults in the 18-35 age bracket would answer yes to this question. Millennials have been labeled as lazy, coddled, and unmotivated. They are criticized for ...

How Can There Be A Bright Side To Failure?

"Huh?" If this is what you find yourself thinking about this statement, then you are not alone. A "bright side" to failure seems laughable when ...

Help! Too Much Debt Not Enough Money!

It is a familiar issue, globally. Some blame it on the pandemic. Yet, in many cases climbing debt load/money problems began way before Coronavirus ever ...


January 2021


How News Impacts Families

Relatively Speaking By Amberly Neese

Real Families Living Out Real Faith In A Real World

Taking Out The Mental Trash!

We spent much of the day putting away all of our Christmas decorations.  At our house, that…

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I’ll Give You A Penny For Your Walk…

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..” These are not just…

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We Parents Can By Janelle Alberts

Cheat Sheets For Parents To Arm Kids With Biblical Knowledge


Are We Bah-Humbugs This Season?

This year has been rough. It would seem that the bah-humbugs this season would be warranted. But are…

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Parents, Let’s Not Panic!

Tim Mackie, an American theologian who started the new phenomenally popular Bible Project, once upon a time told…

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Words of Wisdom

Looking For A Breakthrough?


Why Do I Feel Like I’m Living In Defeat Instead Of Victory?

Does the Bible lie? The answer is, no, the Bible does not lie. God's Word is truth, and He cannot lie. However, it is difficult ...
Disneyland parent

Disneyland Parenting Style Examined And Explained

"Why is this not working for me?" The Disneyland parent exclaims often in frustration. The answer is: even though your intentions may be good, the ...

Searching For Happiness In Life? Read Ecclesiastes.

What!?! Ecclesiastes? You have got to be joking! “Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher; “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” What profit has a man from all ...
Coronavirus, peace

Coronavirus Pandemic: What’s The Most Powerful Weapon?

Yes, we are experiencing a pandemic and social isolation is not fun. But how you handle it determines the end results Most people's instant reaction ...

Adultery: What Most Don’t Know About This Secret Sin

Committing adultery begins way before the actual act of infidelity Is it infidelity or not? Most of what we deem as infidelity, or cheating, on ...

Hebrews 12 Reveals Steps To Success And Prosperity

Sometimes it's not a miracle that we need to search for... It is walking out the steps that God Has Ordained. Hebrews 12 is an ...

Business & Leadership

Leadership In All Areas

Jeff Myers

Dr. Jeff Myers Urges Christians To Fight For Justice

Evangelical leader Dr. Jeff Myers is urgently calling on Christians (no matter who they voted for) to get in the fight for election justice. Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries. As an educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Focus on the Family founder James Dobson referred...
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Reviews Of The Latest Christian Movies, Movies, And Books!

Faith & Family

Insight Into Raising Victorious Children!

faith, teen

Senseless Risks: Teens, Driving, And Alcohol

It’s Friday night and Joe receives an offer to chill with the baseball guys. By no means is Joe a social outcast. However, he limits himself on his involvement with questionable activities. The baseball guys tend to group together in school, and party together on the weekends. Upon the invitation to chill with the guys…

special needs

Can Faith Help With Special Needs Children?

Faith is a crucial part of many families. However, some families have the added challenge of raising a special needs child. These families are forced to contend with stigmatization in the broader society and their faith-based communities due to their child’s diagnosis. “Special needs” is an umbrella phrase for a wide variety of diagnoses and…


At School: “Fit In” Or Follow Christ?

Greetings Friends, Another school year is starting and with it comes new adventures and new challenges for our children. I think we share particular worries as we face a new academic year: will my child like his/her teacher, the homework battles are about to begin (more about homework strategies here), balancing after school activities with…