Most of us know that it’s coming at some point in our lives… but we are never truly prepared for that moment when a parent-child role reversal happens.  Suddenly, we find ourselves in the throws of parenting our parent– and its a strange feeling!

ParentFor Kathy Howard, author of “30 Days of Hope for Parenting Your Parents“, she confessed that she was completely unprepared.  The season of life, for her, was more than dealing with doctors, and making sure that her parents were taken care of at home.  She discovered that she was suddenly faced with the emotional impact that came with the realization from her parents that they were unable to do things they once took for granted.  For example, she found that she needed to help her father navigate through feelings of loss regarding his independence and physical strength.  In addition, she grappled with her own feelings when her mother’s dementia wounded her with words, and with honouring her parents while she began to take control of their lives.

Kathy’s book, “30 Days of Hope for Parenting Your Parents”, combines scripture, biblical insight, personal experience, reflection, questions, and prayer prompts to help those who are caring for aging/ill parents.  It explores the Word of God and lifts readers up using a range of physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges a caregiver may face.  Each day is not only combined with a prayer for themselves, but a prayer for their parents as well.

30 Days of Hope for Parenting Your Parents points readers back to God, and His grace and strength over our lives.

Lisa Carter interviewed Kathy Howard for our September issue.  She asked her questions regarding how to receive strength during this season of life, how to honour your parents, and about the book itself.

It’s never easy when the roles are reversed, and suddenly you find you are the one being the parent, but with God’s grace and this book, strength is just around the corner!

This interview and more will be available in our September issue coming out on July 26th, 2018!

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