Looking to have a bit of fun on a Wednesday?  Since our upcoming issue deals with parenting godly children, we decided to create a quiz to test your knowledge of scripture.

parentingThe Bible is often the last place that we consult when parenting our children, yet it really should be the first!  God created our children, and blessed us with them.  He know their every thought, action, and behaviour, because God looks at the heart.  Garnered with this knowledge, He should be the first one that we consult when we are faced with challenges.  He knows them better than we do!

Feel free to take our quiz… and no consulting your Bible!  How did you do?

We hope that you enjoy this bit of fun, as we hope to incorporate different quizzes every month for your enjoyment.

Also, while you are here, please enjoy our April issue on the Resurrection of Christ, and stay tuned for our upcoming May issue (coming out on April 26) on Parenting Godly Children.

Here is the link for our test: Parenting Quiz  Leave a comment to share if you have enjoyed it.  Then compare your results with your friends!

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