Adults and children world-wide are playing the newest game sensation called, “Charlie, Charlie Challenge”.  The danger?  It involves summoning evil spirits.

While many parents may find such games that are similar to the ouija board harmless, spiritually they are not, and what can happen is indeed real.  No person should summon evil spirits into existence in a game or otherwise.  The actions are not harmless, and unless you really want a demon involved in our house, the activity should stop immediately.  Demons will always oblige any request to appear- funny or serious, and parents may not like the results.

More and more individuals are posting videos to social media which highlights them trying out the Charlie Charlie Challenge, which involves setting up an apparatus with two pencils- that supposedly move- to indicate the presence of a “Mexican demon” called Charlie.

Participants set up two pencils in the shape of a cross on the top of a piece of paper which is marked in four sections- two yes, and two no.  With one pencil balanced on the top of the other pencil, individuals ask questions such as “Charlie, can we play?” or ask if the spirit is present.

The answer, much like a ouija board, is given as to where the pencil shifts.

Parents should be aware of this activity, monitor their children, and explain to them why they are not to play it.

The Bible is very clear on summoning demonic spirits, and even quotes it in several places as being detestable (Deuteronomy 18:12, Galatians 5:19-21, Revelation 21:8).  The wages, of course, is eternal death.

Our Two Cents:
Parents need to watch their children for evidence of playing this game as it is so dangerously popular.  While it may seem like fun to your child who may not understand the dangers of it, it can have serious consequences.  The effects of demonic oppression/possession are very real, and not something that should be dismissed as imaginary.  Scripture says that we war against powers and principalities.  To ignore this statement is foolish, and very dangerous as it can take the soul of your child if it can – not to mention the other manifestations.
People are often drawn to this type of an activity because they want to know the future.  However, they need to understand that they don’t have to summon an evil spirit- who will only lie- to get it.  All they have to do is ask God to reveal it to them, and God will reveal the truth about His plan and purpose for their life.  It’s as simple as asking the one who created you.  Who better to ask than the one who made you?  Satan didn’t create you, so how would he know what your future looks like?  He was defeated a LONG time ago.
Parents can use this as an opportunity to share with their children about how God wants to reveal His plan and purpose over their lives, and if they want the truth, that they should ask Him.  It helps them develop a relationship and a trust in Christ- not a demon.
Don’t despair if you child has involved themselves in the occult as we have been given authority.  They need to, however, understand the consequences of their actions, and why they were wrong.  Then they need to repent to Christ who will wash them clean.  If there is a demonic spirit, then it needs to be cast out “In Jesus name, get out and NEVER RETURN.”  As parents, we have authority over our children.  Also explain to your child that they are not to let the spirit back in the house.  Many spirits try and regain access.
Try to explain the paranormal to your children at their level without frightening them.  My son was taught by a friend of ours how to take authority over demonic spirits using dinosaurs.  He was the big dinosaur taking his authority over the little dinosaurs who were demons.  Once he understood that they could not overtake him, he learned that there was nothing to fear.  He began to take his authority and hasn’t spoken to any demonic spirits (other than to cast them out) since.
Satan does want our children and will take them any way he can.  It is our responsibility as parents to show them that darkness cannot extinguish the light of Christ.  Teach them, pray over them, and guide them in the things of God.
For further insight into the supernatural and paranormal, please feel free to consult our upcoming issue on June 26th wherein we discuss this very topic.