When Did Wholesome, Family Friendly Television Become a Bad Thing?

Pro-family group OneMillionMoms.com is urging Disney Channel to cease cross-promoting programs that are deemed inappropriate for children.

The Disney- ABC Television Group of the Walt Disney company owns a sister station known as Freeform.  Freeform was previously known as ABC Family up until January 2016.  The relaunch came after the decision that executives now wanted to target a segment of the population that they coined as “becomers”, which include a demographic between the ages of 14-34 who are asking themselves “who am I becoming”.  This reflects the network’s effort to keep up with millennials as they mature.  In an interview provided to Variety regarding the reason for the relaunch, President Tom Ascheim stated regarding reaching new viewers,

With people who don’t watch the network, which turns out is the majority of this country, there’s a very different perception from our core viewers.  Recent research conducted by the network had core viewers rewarding the net for many great attributes across the board,  while non-viewers identified the net as “family-friendly” and “wholesome” and gave “pretty lousy marks on everything else.

So now, due to the shift in programming for Freeform, the Disney Channel is now airing promos of television shows that air on its sister station such as Shadowhunters, Monica the Medium, Freak Out, and Pretty Little Liars.  It seems as if they have gone more worldly and shed their wholesome image.

Director Monica Cole from OneMillionMoms.com states, “They include a blurb that this particular show may be too mature for young audiences,” she recognizes. “Of course the commercial shouldn’t be aired on Disney Channel because this show is about a girl who’s trying to fight off demons, so it has inappropriate content that could be scary. It could give young children nightmares, and so it has no place to be on a children’s channel.”

OneMillionMoms has information regarding how to encourage parent company Disney to remove cross-promoting Freeform from the Disney Channel.

For information on television programming for Freeform, visit their site: freeform.go.com

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