As parents of special needs children can often attest to, there are good days, and days where they need a little bit more patience/strength.  Parents with autistic children, those that have children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, or parents with children with behavioral disorders can find days very challenging.  Often, there are many variables to consider throughout the day to make it run smoothly, and sometimes one little hiccup can cause quite a significant disruption in these children’s lives.

Additionally, sometimes the child is just having a bad day, and this puts added stress on the parent to remain patient when, in reality, they just want to cry.  Clinging to what seems like the end of their rope, they cry out to God for help.

It is just as challenging for parents coping with children who have anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, or a myriad of other issues can tax a parent of their strength.  Sometimes they feel a bit embarrassed as their child is being disruptive in class, or they just refuse to sit still.  Maybe it is separation anxiety and it tears at your heart that they are fearful that you won’t return, or they experience anxiety at school.  You want to reassure them, but realize that you can’t be there all the time.  It hurts that they hurt, but it can be exhausting as well even when things return to normal.

Yet it is a parent’s deep, unconditional love for their child that carries them through.  But it isn’t easy.  What do you do when you feel like you can’t hold on any longer?  How can you gain strength when you just feel like giving up would be much easier?

Our May issue discusses what parents can do when they feel as if they don’t have another ounce of strength to give.  John Lysault will provide scripture that you can rest on in those times.  He will teach you how to recharge and cast all of your cares unto Him.  God will fill you- He will give you strength in those times.  He hears your prayers.

This article will uplift and encourage you, as well as re-energize your soul!

Our next issue comes out April 26, 2017

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