Our past doesn’t have to be the ties that bind us forever. Freedom is available.

Whether we want to admit it or not, our lives are shaped by past experiences. They create perceptions or thoughts within us. Positive experiences mold our character and create great characteristics within us. Meanwhile, while bad experiences don’t always mean a poor future. They can have one of three effects on the person experiencing them.


How can bad experiences shape who we are?

For some of us, the following occurs as we mature:

  1. We repeat the same behavior. Some don’t recognize that what they experienced in childhood was wrong. It simply seems like normal behavior because we nothing to compare it to. If you don’t know what you experienced was not “normal”, you simply don’t know any different. At least you don’t until someone brings it to your attention.
  2. You recognize the experience was inappropriate. For some people, it will have a profound effect on them. Some will decide that they don’t want to behave this way, and will consciously decide to be different. While we hope that all of the individuals in this boat have healed from the experience, many do not. This can lead to other behaviors that end up sabotaging their relationships.
  3. Some who decided not to repeat the same behaviors end up marrying those who do. Often, they don’t see it. Some may say that on some level, the relationship mimics what is normal to them. Others say that it’s repeated because the person wants approval on some level. Meanwhile some would say that it’s a type of self-punishment due to the effects of low self-worth.

Andrea Marino discusses how we can identify which category we fall into, and how to heal from past hurts. Whether we want to admit it or not, they can and often do shape our future. They will continue to do so until we identify and break free of them. Often, it is the result of self-examination that helps us completely heal. Or sometimes it’s just God pointing out to us that things could be better.

Andrea will also talk about how you can cope with overwhelming feelings of pain when breaking free of a bad past, what happens when we leave things too long/unchecked, and walking through the pain to victory.

She will also discuss how to recognize when you may need to seek counseling to overcome issues, and when they can be resolved on your own.

This feature and more can be found in our December issue coming out on November 26, 2019!

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