God has a plan and purpose for your life, yet why are so many of us not walking in it?

Some of us may not know God’s plan and purpose in our lives because it hasn’t been revealed to us, or it hasn’t been fully revealed.  For those of us that do not know the purpose of our lives, you can just simply ask God to show you and He will.  Then there are those of us who may know/think we know, but fear overtakes us.  We hear what God has to say about the plans He has for us, but then fear grips our hearts.  We begin to think that we can’t possibly do that!  The assignment just seems to big for us to handle- and it usually is, but it’s for a reason.

The reason that God’s plans may seem somewhat impossible is because if they were possible, we would tend to take credit.  When they stetch us, we know that it’s all God, and God gets the glory because on our own, we couldn’t accomplish it.  Satan tends to take us out, however, right at the point of knowledge- the moment we know what God wants us to do, and when we are supposed to act on it.  He looks for all sorts of ways to prevent us from walking out our destinies because God’s plans are to further His kingdom and to give us joy.

One of the main ways that Satan attacks us is to mention past failures or inadequacies, and he has done it to great men and women of God.  One example lies in the story of Moses.  God reveals to Moses His plans for him, and on several occasions Moses says that he can’t do this assignment- he doesn’t speak very well.  In essense, Moses disqualifies himself, and asks that Aaron speak to Pharoh while God has plans for not Aaron, but Moses.

How many times have we had that conversation with God?  Many of us tell God that we couldn’t possibly do that task- look at all of our past failures and inadequacies!  We feel that because of these issues, we cannot possibly do this task, and we talk ourselves out of even trying.  We tell God that we can’t and then often, we don’t.

Learn how to overcome feelings of failure and inadequacy in your life and walk out the plans for God in your life in our next issue dealing with fear.  Don’t let fear prevent you from the heights of victory that God has prepared for you.  Don’t let Satan steal your destiny!  It is much to important!

Always remember, if God is for you, then NO ONE can be against you.  God knows your past, but your future is even brighter.

Our next issue comes out March 28.

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