Paul Baloche has been a worship leader for over 26 years.  He has lived with his wife, Rita, in their home in east Texas where they joined Lindale’s Community Christian Fellowship.  It is there that Paul discovered his vocation and calling as worship pastor.
The couple grew there, and developed many friends.  God has given Paul a vital ministry there, and despite several offers to relocate to larger ministries, they remained quite content in their home in Texas.
That is, until recently.
After returning home to a house filled with empty bedrooms, the couple came to the conclusion that it was a new season in their lives.
“We pretty much said out loud: ‘The easy thing would be for us to just stay right here and rock on our porch.’ Nothing was broken; it didn’t need fixing… but it was good to hit the reset button and let go of the comfort and row the boat into some new waters,” Paul recalls.
The couple put out a fleece to the Lord and told a realtor they would consider selling if an offer came along.  Without the house even going to market, it sold within a month.
It was time to move.
But where?  They had spent years in this home.
It took the couple six months of purging through 25 years of memories.  They left their church family with a blessing, and headed out northeast.
Faith Filled Family had the privilege to interview Paul Baloche recently.  In our interview, Paul discusses the reason for the move, the impact that it had on his life, and the wonderful inspiration that came out of it.
The move inspired a new project, Your Mercy, which has already garnered a 5-star review from Worship Leader magazine.  Paul discusses the uniqueness of the project in his interview, and the thought process behind doing something a little different this time with his music.
Paul also discusses fascinating things about his life, and mentoring other worship leaders.  He reveals to us how he just finds that special artist, and more.
But above all, Paul says, “Most of all, I want to be an authentic human, a faithful husband and father.  To finish well, maybe in 50 years or so, that’s my deepest desire. I hold.”
Paul’s full interview will be in our December issue coming out on November 28th.

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