We hear continually that stress is part of our daily living- both good and bad.  The question is, should it be?
As a society, we have accepted that stress is unavoidable.  Yet did Jesus ever exhibit signs of stress?  Think about it- He was continually persecuted without cause, mocked, beaten, in charge of teaching unbelievers, and He died for our sins.  His life is a really “tall order”.  In today’s world, we would say that He had a lot of “weight on His shoulders”.  We would expect to see stress- but He wasn’t.  Jesus had more responsibility than we would probably ever take on- yet was completely at peace.
The only time we see Him struggle is just before the crucifixion, yet He still chooses to complete His destiny.  During the crucifixion, when He could be angry or try to defend Himself, He remains quiet and peaceful fully understanding His purpose.  For everything that Jesus endured, He remained in peace.
So, with Jesus as our example, should we be stressed- either good or bad?  The even bigger question becomes how do we avoid it?  How do we “de-stress”?
The answer is not as complicated as we make it out to be.  It does not involve retreating, going on vacation, “me” time, meditation, deep breathing, or anything like that.  You don’t have to spend money (really) as it is free.
Freedom from stress is yours, it’s free, and it’s simple.  Ready for the solution?
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