Understanding the Heart of your Spouse Creates Peaceful Environments Wherein Everyone Wins

With the rising costs of living- and in some cases, debt- many families are having to work even harder just to cover their basic needs.  Most women will comment that their husbands work very hard at their jobs, and many put in very long hours out of a genuine desire to provide the best for their families.  Husbands will often comment that they don’t want their wives to have to work as hard, or as long as they do as many of them feel that it is their responsibility to provide for their families.

Women, on the other hand, feel that they should contribute as well, and society often teaches us that the concept of men being the “provider” is archaic, and even chauvinistic.  Women are taught that they can just as equally provide for their homes, and that they should contribute to their overall financial wealth.

The discord in homes comes when the wife feels that herself and the family is being neglected because her husband has to work long hours just to provide.  There is usually some tolerance, but an underlying tone of frustration as she wishes that he were home more.  A wife’s desire is to have her husband home with her and the kids, and to share in the responsibility of raising them.  Husbands often feel torn because event though they desire to be at home spending time with the family, they feel they have a responsibility to provide for them so that they can enjoy life.

Ladies, in this next issue, we will teach you how to schedule family time without your husband feeling like he is taking away from working.  Learn how to communicate your needs in a loving way that your husband will appreciate without him feeling like he is being torn in different directions.  Help him maintain the balance that he may need in his life.

Men, this issue will give your wives insight into how you are biblically wired, teach you to balance responsibilities (if they aren’t balanced), and will allow you to work with your wife in maintaining a peaceful household.

All in our next issue coming out February 26th!

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