Loveland, Colorado- Pierced: The New Testament will be released by Group Publishing on September 1, 2016.
Pierced: The New Testament is geared towards teens/young adults, and is a fresh approach to scripture-reading.
A recent study by Pew Research Center finds that 80% of 18-29-year-olds are reading more than previous generations.  71% of these young adults are, in fact reading at least one book per year.  Although reading is popular with younger Americans, Bible readership is, however, declining.
Sadly, only 7% of teens avidly read their Bible, while 45% are “Bible neutral” or “Bible skeptics” according to a 6 year Barna study.
“That’s because we’ve often treated Bible-reading like an intimidating chore,” explains Rick Lawrence, General Editor of Pierced, “not an invitation into an epic adventure.”
Pierced: The New Testament acts as an open door for teens to avidly read scripture and engage them in the Bible.  The New Testament narrative draws readers into a greater story of the Messiah via an intentionally simple and personal design.
Pierced actually reads more like a novel than a textbook as it replaced complicated chapter and verse numbers/footnotes with artwork, and real-life margin notes.  It also includes highlights from teens globally.
“By combining the actual notes of ten teens into one Bible, we give the reader an opportunity to journey through the story of Jesus with his or her peers,” shares Veronica Preston, Interior Design and Production Artist of Pierced. “It allows them to know that they are not alone; wrestling through God’s Word with others…feeling free to be vulnerable in the process.”
Pierced can be pre-ordered from Amazon and will be released on Christian retailers on September 1, 2016

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