Move over for the next generation, Planetshakers! Planetboom is the Youth Ministry of Planetshakers Church, and its purpose is to see the next generation of believers empowered to win their generation for Christ.

What Is Planetboom?

It exists in each Planetshakers campus, and is a diverse youth culture which represents sixty nationalities.

In each Planetshakers Campus, services, programs, and events are run for teenagers that unite them to encounter God. Planetboom cultivates an atmosphere of youth that are hungry for God, passionate, and fun through the use of cutting edge material.

It allows teens to connect, feel a sense of belonging, and grow in their calling.

One member is Youth Pastor and musician, Andy Harrison, who co-wrote the song heard above, “Run to You”. Noah Walker provided the vocals, and Aimee Evans who co-writes and sings lead/background vocals on each song produced.

Kelly Barr was able to sit down with Aimee Evans to discuss the diversity of what Planetboom entails, and how it impacts youth globally. They also discuss the incredible musical talent coming from this generation of believers.

For more information, please visit their website.

This interview and more coming up in our February issue which will be released on February 28, 2019!

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