Planetboom Releases New Album And Live YouTube Concert

Planetboom is the dynamic, multicultural youth ministry of Planetshakers Church. On January 15, they will be releasing their latest album, JC Squad, on digital and streaming outlets globally via Venture3Media. JC Squad is available to pre-order now at Also, it will be featured as an exclusive deluxe version from Apple Music and iTunes.

Planetboom releases new Album

Planetboom is inspired by the diverse youth culture which represents 60 nationalities. It exists to see this generation experience the love of Jesus. It is produced by creative director, Josh Ham, mixed by Joth Hunt, and written/co-written by Planetboom youth pastor, songwriter, drummer, and author, Andy Harrison.

JC Squad is really a message about the global Church,” comments Harrison. “We believe the Church is relevant, crucial and still God’s plan, and we are the next generation. We want to champion and uphold the Church – in all of its expressions – in the hearts and minds of young people all around the world.”

Jesus Is The Key,” “ILY” and “Unshakeable,” “Kamsahamnida,” and title track highlights vocalist / rapper Noah Walker.  JC Squad features more pure, joyful expressions.

“In the stress of 2020 global events, anxiety has taken its toll on young people all around the world,” recognizes Harrison. “Our new song, ‘Got Me Like,’ is a reminder that God’s joy can cut through the darkness. As the lyrics state, Right about now is a good time to just stop, and have a good time… The song celebrates the goodness of God’s love.” 

JC Squad doesn’t fully contain a lightheartedness. “I’m Alive” features an overt and bold declaration of faith. It gives a strong voice to youth’s struggles with temptation, mental illness, isolation, and points the way to victory through Christ.

Special Concert planned

Since COVID prevented the gathering for in-person events globally, Planetboom will be conducting a live, online concert of all of the songs on JC Squad via YouTube on January 15 beginning at 8:30 pm EST. Additionally, Planetboom’s album premiere includes backstage interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and interaction from watch parties occurring in South Africa, Singapore, Columbia, South Korea and other countries globally.

“In a season where we are not able to gather as we once would have, we wanted to be able to still represent the next generation of the Church from all around the world and show young people that they really are a part of something so much bigger than themselves,” says Harrison. “God had a plan from the beginning. Before 2020, before me and you, before viruses, before sickness at all, before Adam and Eve in the garden, even before the world was created, it was always about Jesus.”

“We’re a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, and every one of us counts,” agrees planetboom’s Aimee Evans. “No matter where you are in the world and what challenges you might be facing, you’re not alone or isolated. You’re significant, and you belong here. We’re in this together, united by our faith in Jesus. This is His story, but He’s written-in a role that only you could play. We are the JC Squad.”

The full JC Squad track:

  1. Walk
  2. JC Squad
  3. Got Me Like
  4. I’m Alive
  5. ILY
  6. All I Need
  7. Jesus Is The Key
  8. Unshakeable
  9. Battleborn
  10. Kamsahamnida
  11. Loved By You
  12. Praise Over Problems (VIP Mix)

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