Planned Parenthood Proposes passing a bill blocking parents from knowing if their child has had an abortion or received transgender hormone treatments

Planned Parenthood of California seeks to pass a bill (SB 1004) that would revise California’s existing patient protections ensuring that information regarding sensitive services is not sent to a third party or a policyholder not authorized to receive it.

What Is SB 1004?

The bill is sponsored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, and expands the definition of “sensitive services” to include services related to mental health, reproductive health, STI’s, substance abuse disorders, transgender health including gender- affirming care, and intimate partner violence.

Planned Parenthood of California supports this bill touting that it will provide patients with greater confidentiality. In explanation, Planned Parenthood says, “When a patient accesses health care for a sensitive service, including sexual and reproductive health care, confidentiality is of the utmost importance.”

They quickly point out that communications from health insurance companies is not typically confidential. Many who seek these services are not the main policyholder. The bill will expand upon California’s existing protections to ensure that information about sensitive services does not get sent to a third party that they do not want it sent to such as “an abusive spouse or parents”.

The issue…

Planned Parenthood

The California Family Council feels the bill undermines “the rights of parents to oversee the medical decisions of their own children”. They also are quick to mention that the bill does not specify the precise medical procedures that would be kept confidential from parents.

The California Family Council points to Planned Parenthood clinics as to which procedures would likely be targeted. They say that Planned Parenthood in California has “started to aggressively promote … puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones; drugs that will permanently sterilize children.”

Under current legislation, parental approval is required before administering these services. However, Pacific Justice Institute Senior Attorney, Kevin Snider pointed to a 1997 California Supreme Court decision which ruled “minors have informational and autonomy privacy in terms of intimate personal decisions, which trumps the rights of parents.”.

Jonathan Keller, President of the California Family Council, strongly objected to the bill commenting that Government bureaucrats should not be aiding Planned Parenthood to undermine parent’s rights to guide and oversee their children’s health. He further added that, “Transparency matters. The owner of an insurance policy deserves to know what medical procedures they are paying for.”

This isn’t the first time, however, that a bill has infringed on parental rights. Recently, a bill was proposed to expand on sex education for elementary school children without parental approval.

SB 1004 hasn’t been assigned just yet, and probably won’t be until the Senate assembles for May session. In the interim, California Family Council is asking citizens to contact Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s office.

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