Synopsis – “Poets and Saints”

In their new album, “Poets & Saints,” All Sons and Daughters seeks to take listeners on a journey through the lives of major historical Christians by capturing their legacies through the rich, authentic lyrics of the album’s songs. This is their fourth full-length album to be released, and it is quite different from the other albums as it contains a variety of genres ranging from jazz to bluegrass to country. On September 2nd, Integrity Music and David C. Cook will be releasing this album along with a book and curriculum also titled “Poets & Saints”. You don’t want to miss out on this spiritual and cultural experience!

Heaven Meets Earth

Inspired by the life of C.S. Lewis, this song ties in Lewis’ love for God’s mystery with the mystery of Creation. In beautiful harmony, the duo takes listeners through each day of Creation and how each stroke reflected the wonder, the sovereignty and creativity of God. Mid song, a choir joins in singing “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and it sends chills up your spine. This is a beautiful foreshadowing of what it will be like one day when we will all gather around the throne, as a choir, singing these very words.

I Surrender

Written in memory of Frances of Assissi, “I Surrender” is a call to all followers of Christ to forsake the things of this world to gain the riches of God–just as Frances did in his lifetime. Between the unison in vocals and steady beat of the drum, this song sounds much like a march–an anthem beckoning people to come and join this movement of abandonment of self to gain heavenly treasures. This song is almost solely based on declarations and prayers written in scripture, specifically in 1 John 2:17, Philippians 1:21, Isaiah 6:8, and Luke 22:42.

The Path of Sorrow

A steady drumbeat opens up this number and ushers listeners to join in walking the “Path of Sorrow” where doubting is real and the fight for faith is constant. The song takes the listener through the struggle between questioning if God is even present in sorrow and reminding oneself that He is always there. Just as the dawn breaks through the darkness, the bridge penetrates the melody of sorrow with a reminder of hope: “So steadily I keep my stride through every briar and thorn, although my flesh will falter, my hope is in the Lord.”

Roving Heart

Cue the clapping and put on your dancing shoes; this one is catchy, folks! All Sons and Daughters did an incredible job revamping this age-old hymn into something modern yet keeping the “pub melody” which is how the song was originally written to be played.

This is My Inheritance

Based on the declaration found in 1 Peter 1: 3-12, this song describes the beauty of God’s promises and the confidence we can have in walking through this life because of the inheritance we are looking forward to in the next. The celebratory melody of this song symbolizes how our inheritance should be one of our greatest pleasures. At the thought of spending an eternity with God, our hearts should leap with praise!

You are Love and Love Alone

“How perfectly our hearts are made for love.” This lyric is such a beautiful reminder to us of how our hearts were designed. Many times we try and seek to fill this “void” with things that cannot satisfy. As the song says, this is because God is “love and love alone.” We can only be satisfied when we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of His love.

I Wait

Another country folk song makes its way on the album as the dynamic duo sings about the perfection of God’s timing and how we should respond to waiting on the Lord. The phrase “I wait in the promise, I wait in the hope” is repeated over and over which reminds listeners that we must keep speaking these words over ourselves as we press into what God has for us.

Rest in You

The combination of lovely lyrics, stunning harmony, and the company of a choir will make you want to close your eyes and sing along in this serenade to the King. As if this song couldn’t get any better, it suddenly does when you realize the words of this song found their origination between the lines of Saint Augustine’s journal as he processed this longing he had for Christ. How beautiful it is to think on the Lord and long for Him!

You Hold It All Together

In every salvation story, the redeemed were found by the Redeemer in a place in which they could not help themselves. This song sings about this beautiful dependence that we have on the Lord since the day He first found us. For He is our strength, song and salvation (Psalm 118), and those words serve as anchors in the midst of a world that is falling apart. When all goes wrong and when we can’t help ourselves, we can look to the one who “holds it all together.”

Creation Sings

What a finale! The first song of the album spoke about the wonder and mystery of Creation and this last song wraps up the album by encouraging all of creation to cry out to the Maker for all He has done. The content of this song was a great way to conclude the album. Although we go through struggle and sorrow, at the end of the day, we are known and held by our Maker, and He is mighty to be praised!


All Sons and Daughters are known for having incredible harmonies. Needless to say, their harmonies in this album were absolutely stunning. Chills. Shivers. All the feels. Their voices blend so fantastically making the songs even more pleasing to the ear. What made this album so unique is knowing that each song reflected the life of a saint who left behind a legacy for us to be encouraged and inspired by. These songs are saturated with spiritual encouragement, truths of scripture, and psalms of adoration.


Although I was a huge fan of the songs that included the remixing of old hymns, some of those songs got very repetitive after awhile and made it a little more difficult to get in the song.


This was one of the most authentic albums I have ever listened to. Not many people travel around the globe to “get a feel” for the world their writing subjects were living in at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories behind why the songs were written and then listening to them as they probed into the raw and real emotions these people were going through. Not only this, but this album talked a great deal about finding God in the struggle. I think many listeners will find this collection of songs to be an encouragement and a voice of comfort from the many saints who have made it through the struggles and successes of this life.

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