Or is there more to it than that?

There is an old adage that says, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We believe this to be true because this is what we have witnessed. There are countries with dictators in power, power-hungry politicians, and corrupt authorities that prove this statement. However, is it the absolute authority that corrupts, the temptation for self-gain, or the mindset that is at fault?

Furthermore, can one be in power and not become corrupt?

Everyone starts with Good intentions…


Hitler had a plan to restore Germany to glory after the war. Many dictators similarly had aspirations to see their country glorious and victorious. Some didn’t get elected because people suddenly sensed, “Dictator!”. They won because they were charismatic and inspiring. They had good intentions!

Now, there are those who won by fear, corruption, and oppression. This leads us to our initial question… What is the true cause of corruption in many of our countries?

Is Everyone guilty of abusing power?

I don’t think that we ever stopped to think about the causes of corruption. We just assume (and joke) that it exists. We think that all politicians are untruthful. Lawyers are shysters (sorry, lawyers!), and billionaires are arrogant. Meanwhile, the police are painted as corrupt and untrustworthy.

Yet, we paint many people with the same brush. We are guilty of generalizing people in these professions ourselves. And yet we stand proudly and accuse them of racial profiling. Yet we are also the guilty ones!

Margaret Armanious discusses whether power corrupts individuals, or whether there is more to the story. Are some people more susceptible to manipulation/control? Will others be more likely to misuse the trust the public has entrusted them with? Can you have authority and use it wisely? Does power indeed corrupt absolutely… Or is this yet another generalization?

These questions answered and more in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on July 27, 2020!

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