A wise friend of mine said that you can only protect family members up to a point, and after that point, you use the prayer of protection.

Concern over family members is common, yet we shouldn’t live in fear that something terrible will happen.  It is common for parents to be concerned about their children’s safety- especially as they mature.  A parent’s concern over their child never ends, but it does increase as they gain their independence.  Parents often pray the prayer of protection over their children as they drive in bad weather, when they don’t come home on time, and over various other situations.

I pray protection over my children daily, and I have seen evidence of God’s protection over them.  God has saved some of them supernaturally from accidents that could have resulted in death, and I thank Him continually for protecting them.

While we realistically cannot always prevent accidents from happening, we can learn how to pray protection over our children, and pray wisdom into their lives.  The best thing a parent can do is to pray that God protects your kids- daily.

Learn in our upcoming issue how to effectively pray protection over your children- and even over aging parents, or extended family.  It is more necessary than you may realize!

Next issue coming out on March 28th.

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