Life doesn’t always turn out the way we had Envisioned…

Don’t deceive yourself. Sex outside of marriage can have multiple consequences: both physically and spiritually. No matter how well you think things may turn out, and how confident you may be about your partner’s commitment, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that things may change. Many women enter into a pregnancy with the expectation that their partner will stay only to face raising a child on their own.

Pregnant? Think ahead …

It’s easy to get swept up in a cheery reverie of taking care of a cute adoring baby who loves its mom unconditionally. However, while it’s partly true, what many people don’t consider is that individual is solely dependant on you for everything. Parenthood is sacrificial, and if you aren’t prepared to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own, you may struggle as a parent.


Babies are demanding, and raising them alone is not an easy task. Not only do you need to support the child financially, but emotionally as well. It’s not easy to work a full-time job, pay for daycare, pay the bills, buy food, take care of a child, and still maintain a life of your own by yourself. Once a child arrives, you can’t just drop everything to be with your friends at a moment’s notice. There is someone else’s life to consider.

Also, just because a guy says that he will stick around doesn’t mean that he actually will. Some men aren’t able to cope with the reality and responsibility of being a parent. Also, sometimes once a baby comes, things can get tough as the dynamic of a relationship changes. Some people can’t handle the change, some become resentful at what they perceive they are missing, and for others it’s just too much responsibility.

What happens if he/she leaves? Are you prepared to live life as a single parent? Are you equipped for it?

Not only are you responsible for the well-being of another life, your future is affected as well. Depending on your age, an unplanned pregnancy can effect getting into post-secondary. Studying and succeeding with an infant is not an easy task. Balancing everything without help is very difficult, and single parents can find themselves either burned out or overwhelmed.

Also, not everyone wants to date someone who already has a child. It seems selfish, but sometimes there is wisdom in it. It takes a special person to raise another person’s child as their own, and it comes with challenges all around.

Helen Murray discusses why God designed the family to have both a mom and a dad. She discusses the benefits of this arrangement to both parties. And while even in a marriage a spouse can leave, it is much more difficult to do so.

Helen additionally discusses how having children outside of marriage impacts the individual, and the things to consider before even engaging in sex. She talks about the why to abstain, and the things that most people don’t even think about when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

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