Paul Munger brings a wonderful faith-filled movie to the big screen called Princess Cut. Princess Cut brings all sorts of familiar faces with it to the big screen. Well known actor Rusty Martin Sr. from the #1 Movie War Room, Rusty Martin Jr. from the movie Courageous, and Ashley Bratcher to name a few. When Grace Anderson (Ashley Bratcher) begins to look for love she realizes that the quest is not as easy as she thought. Grace is a Carolina farm girl that has always dreamed of meeting the right person that would slip a Princess Cut diamond on her finger and propose. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of trying to find “Mr. Right” Grace discovers mishap after mishap. She later realizes that instead of looking for love that she is going to do the right thing. She waits for God to bring love to her.

In the midst of waiting, the quest is not always easy. Will Grace find the love that God wants her to have or will she plow straight ahead with her own desires of romance? Will her father help his headstrong daughter understand what real love is? Princess Cut will make you laugh, smile, and seek the face of a loving God that always wants the best for us.

Please mark your calendar for the DVD release date November 3, 2015. It is a must have for every home. Below is a group shot of some of the cast members.

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