“So, it turns out perpetual outrage is not an effective way to win friends and influence people. While that little nugget of truth goes without saying in most circles, it’s now coming as a major newsflash to advocates of abortion on-demand (and without apology), who are awakening to the fact that the waning influence of their lethal product just might have something to do with their ever-more-hysterical rhetoric.”

Excerpt taken from our August issue entitled, “What Big Abortion’s Anger Fatigue Has to Teach Us” by Jay Hobbs.

Jay, in his article, takes readers through the shift in the pro-choice agenda the minute President Trump took office and appointed people who were pro-life.  He expands on the anger that has erupted in a pro-choice campaign that says that women have the right to choose between birth and abortion, but whose truth at its core is far from it.  It is a group that doesn’t fight choice as much as funding for abortions, and is becoming louder with each passing day.

Jay comments in his article on the anger agenda, and how pro-choice advocates are trying to effectively use it to change legislation.  The crux for this group is that anger has become a powerful tool in changing laws.  However, the group now finds themselves “worn out”.

Additionally, he discusses their tactics on promoting their belief’s that a women has a right to choose and how it appeals to women.

It is a very insightful article that most people- especially women- may be surprised to hear.

“What Big Abortion’s Anger Fatigue Has to Teach Us” can be found in our August issue coming out tomorrow, August 26, 2017!

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