Is prophecy being filled?  Are we facing end times?

Over many decades, people have thought Christ could arrive at any moment. Numerous scholars have even tried to predict when Christ would return.

There is without a doubt, over the years, that we have seen the world change and witnessed prophecy taking place. Families have turned against family, Christians being killed for their beliefs, wars and rumors of wars infiltrate our headlines.  Why hasn’t God sent His Son to intervene?

Jesus will return when the prophecy of the Bible has been completely filled. Peace treaties will be signed. Times will continue to get tougher, The wicked will get more wicked.

Christians , pray for our country and others hold steady in your faith. Knowing that when the time comes you will be ready.
The Bible states: no one knows the coming of the lord, not even the angels in heaven.



Our Two Cents;

If there was ever a time that we need to give ourselves and trust God, it is now. With so many ungodly things taking place in a Christian’s life, dishonesty, and increase in crime, Christians are in the losing their lives because of their faith. ISIS and the beheading of innocent men,women and children are just one example of a world growing dark.

Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt the Bible prophesy is being fulfilled. Christians have comfort in knowing the Lord will return for his children and death will not for us but we will experience everlasting life. God is still the Almighty God.

Trust in the Lord when things look bleak and when you think you just can’t go on,  Let us pray for one another, county and our leaders.

Remember > We can trust the word of God.

The Bible is the way, The Truth and the light.


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