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  • 46% of teens would alter their online actions if their parents were more attentive.
  • 80% of parents report that they do know how to monitor their children’s online activities.
  • 33% of parents say they are concerned or have questions about their child’s technology usage over the past year.
  • 88% of teens believe that social networks (Facebook) are safe, and continually post personal information.

Matt McKee’s is the author of Parent Chat: The Technology Talk for Every Family- a book that discusses how parents can oversee their child’s usage of technology and protect them against the wiles of the world.  His story and journey began with this moment (excerpt taken from Biscuit Media Group)

“One day, Matt discovered that his 9 year-old son had accessed adult websites while at a friend’s house. He asked his son what was the most interesting thing he had seen recently and his son replied “Sometimes Superman and Wonder Woman take off their clothes.”
He knew he had to do something – but what?  As a parent, he felt unqualified for the task. He quickly realized that this was a bigger problem than he originally thought, as he realized his whole family was addicted to technology.  Matt wants to take the fear out of the topic and give parents the tools they need to help keep their family safe while opening up the conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of technology.”

This sparked Matt’s determination to begin a career discussing leveraging technology to make a difference.  Matt describes himself and a “serial entrepreneur” who despite failing four times, he has also had several successful exits.
Matt is the founder and CEO of The Spire Firm, and also authored, “Be Social: The Social Media Handbook”.  He is a Strategy Consultant for The reThink Group and an Advisory Board member with Disney.

Matt discusses his new book, Parent Chat, with Faith Filled Family.  Parent Chat helps parents oversee kids using technology.  Matt reports that parents often feel overwhelmed, under equipped and lost when dealing with how to monitor their children’s use of technology.  In Parent Chat, parents will learn:
  1. What questions to ask.
  2. What matters most.
  3. How to combat the fear that accompanies with their child knowing more about technology than they do.

This book allows parents to monitor what their children are doing, and keep them safe without the “eyerolls” of being what their kids deem to be “snoopy”.  It is a good resource for parents who have said that they give up on trying to keep up with advances in technology.
Clive McLaren had the privilege of meeting with Matt McKee via Skype, and obtained an interview that every parent will want to read.
Matt McKee’s interview will be in our November issue coming out THIS WEDNESDAY!  Don’t miss it!

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