For most of us, all we have to do is watch the back and forth rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats to see if a compromise can truly be initiated. With heated debates over abortion, women’s rights, and euthanasia, one has to wonder if compromise is truly possible. After all, wasn’t that what the democratic system was supposed to be about?

Instead, we tend to see more of an all-or-nothing approach to moving certain agenda’s forward. Yet, we have to wonder whether the majority want these legislations implemented in the first place, and if the motives behind these politicians are pure or not (sorry!). 

Logically, if we think that our biblical views will not be challenged in today’s society, we are deceiving ourselves. Most of the biblical values that our countries were founded upon are slowly being eroded by a more liberal agenda. And while we should indeed protect the rights of others, and stand for equality just as God would want, we still need to uphold the truth as outlined in the Bible. 

We need to ask ourselves, as Christians, what Jesus would want us to do when faced with every situation. Would compromise be in order, or would He tell you to stand firm in your faith and uphold what is right? Only the Holy Spirit and your Bible can really guide you in these situations.

It is not to say that you should be obstinate and aggressive in your approach. Jesus clearly tells us to walk in love, and that a soft answer turns away wrath. But He does tell us to uphold the truth of the gospel within the confines of the system that we are bound by (remember the scripture render to Caesar what is Caesar’s).

Yet the fact that we are Christians places many of us in a category outside of a liberal norm- one in which many of us find ourselves in opposition, and in some cases, persecuted. Many of us don’t fall into the “norm” category in terms of our beliefs, and many liberal beliefs are being passed into legislation and enforced that may contradict our belief system.


Margaret Armonious debates as to whether we truly live in a democratic world with equality for all, or whether things have become more restrictive. She discusses how to protect our Christian values in a liberal society that is trying to erode them, in some cases.

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