payments Hidden under “assemblies” for Elementary school children… And has for years!

According to Capitol Resource Institute, a Sacramento-area Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has contracted Planned Parenthood to teach sexual education to elementary school students.

This local PTA has hidden payments to Planned Parenthood by listing the class entitled, “Puberty Talks”, under Assemblies in their annual budget. Assemblies of this nature have been occurring over the last two years, and are slated for the upcoming school year.

Planned Parenthood

In “Puberty Talks”, a Planned Parenthood representative discusses erections and ejaculation with a group of fifth-grade boys and girls. This PowerPoint demonstration depicts what is called the “Genderbread Person”.

“Parents should be outraged their local PTA would be so deceptive. Partnering with Planned Parenthood is a total betrayal and parents should demand their dues be returned,” says Capitol Resource Institute’s Executive Director, Karen England.

Contracting Planned Parenthood has not been limited to PTA’s, however. Capitol Resource Institute discovered that schools are reaching out to them as well. This has allowed Planned Parenthood to:

  • Collect demographic information on educational session attendees, such as approximated race/ethnicity, gender, and age.
  • Retain the ability to administer assessments relating to students’ health behaviors and risks, including tests, questionnaires, and surveys in accordance with the California Healthy Youth Act. 

Capitol Resource Institute is recommending parents to request copies of schools’ contracts with Planned Parenthood. Parents are also told to take appropriate measures to ensure their child’s data is not being shared. CRI warns parents that Planned Parenthood’s interest in this data is “mercenary”.

CRI informs parents that they must take action. Parents are encouraged to submit opt-out forms, and to submit the necessary paperwork to protect “their children from the abortion business, who sees schools full of children as potential future customers.”

This is not the first time schools/government have overstepped parental boundaries regarding their children’s sexual education. Recent legislation is attempting to revamp the Kindergarten program. Additionally, some schools have implimented a drag queen telling storytime. Some states are also attempting to mandate sex education in middle and high schools. And the list goes on…

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